Photos Charlie Border Terrier Dog 2014
Photos by Roger Zellmer of Charlie on Nov 5, 2014. Photos shot, with a Canon 5Dmiii using a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens, and a 2 flash Canon 580EX off camera set up
She only weighs 3.5 pounds and is really small. She is 10 weeks old, born on Septemper 7th, 2014.
She keeps track of where we are at all times. We have to be careful when walking next to her so we don't step on the poor little girl.
I am happy with her markings right now, but she will get stripped every 6 months which could change her pattern.

She sure as big eyes for her size. She will be 12 - 16 pounds when fully grown.

She has been playing for an hour now and is beginning to get very sleepy.

Almost ready to doze off now. Life is good having a fun loving friendly little pup in the house again.