Photo's BU2
Photo's by Roger at the Butterfield Ranch, Anza Borrego, California, February 2008

The mountains had a powdering of snow on them
A new friend I made who used to be an execuitive chef with Hilton Hotels. He is now a school teacher with 2 kids.
A view of the park from out in the BLM desert land.
A macro shot of the emerging spring desert flowers. The horses kicked up sand on it.
The Choya cactus is to be avoided.
An equestrian group were camping here this week end.
I liked this good looking animal.
He was photogenic.
This one was hot to get on the trail.
A slow riser.
Some desert goers prefer this form of transportation.
The spring is a delightful time in the desert.
On the BLM land you are allowed to make your own trail.

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