Photo's BS02
Photo's by Roger at Borrego Springs, CA, August 11 & 12, 2010


Panoramic 360 degree photo by Paul Brustas of our site at Borrego SP Palm Canyon camp ground. My trailer across the street. The concreate pad was
wonderful clean level surface for our astro equipment. Unfortunately the camp ground was light polluted from bathroom lights and a sky glow from
the northeast from some city north of the Sultan Sea. I believe the TDS site is a darker venue. The campground used to be all gravel and dirt. The
asphalt roads and driveways are great. Our state government actually spent some money here.

The Milkyway on the first night was quite bright. This is a 30" exposure at f4.5 with my 10-22mm Canon lens shot at 3200 ISO on a tripod with the Canon 7D camera. A bit grainy but not bad IMHO.
Pauls Van on the first night.
Paul brougt out 2 computers including a desk top. I don't think he could bring enough batteries to go without power.
The Pleidies is up now. That might have been a Perseid streak on upper right.
Another possible Perseid at lower middle.
The end of a very pleasant evening watching the stars.

Last updated on August 16, 2010