Photos BA01
Rich Strobel, Richard Bledso, Bill Remlinger, Dick Huasam, and myself photo shoot trip Diary to Balboa Park Feb 16, 2012 . All photos taken with a Canon 7d camera using a Canon 100-400mm f4 lens.
This the scenic bridge entering Whitbey Island shot from Deception Pass State Park.
Linda and I did a 3 mile hike down to the ocean and along the beach. The park is loaded with first growth Douglas Firs and Red Cedar.
The beach was beautiful and loaded with huge drift wood of all shapes and sizes.
It was very nice day and pleasantly cool on the beach.
Dogs are allowed in the Washington and Oregon State Parks.
Very pristine beaches and good fishing.
Linda enjoying the scenery and the nice sunny cool day.
This park is one of the most popular parks in Washington, but early on a week day it had virtually no pressure.
Meghan having a great time on this trip getting lots exercise will hiking with us.
She went into the water occasionally, only up to her belly to cool off.
Pretty moss on this rock face.
The fog was intermittently enveloping the islands in the bay.
What a huge piece of drift wood.
The was a large campground over looking this foggy salt marsh area. Truly a beautiful park, but it may be a bit tight for large rigs in here.