St. Francis, KS 2010

Diary of our trips to St. Francis Kansas in 2010

06/26/10 Left this morning for St. Francis, KS to see the Peters and Giengers. The Giengers have been long time friends who I first met in Idaho during our camping trips. The Peter's we met on our camping trips to Quartzsite Arizona. We parked our trailer at the Peter's house located on a hill with a view of the Republican River. We had power so it was very comfortable. The Peter's house was very nice set on 10 acres of land with lots of decks, patios, and antique farm implements all around the property. I took lots of photos of the antiques and birds which were visiting their many feeders. Junior and Tommie hosted a big party for relatives and friends that night. Junior made deep fried fish in his turkey type deep friar. The fish was excellent and so were all the dishes that people brought. Yum Yum. Went to bed happy full of food and beer.

06/27/10 Visited some relatives of Giengers and Peters in Nebraska about 30 miles away for morning brunch. Again the food was excellent. Great cooks in Kansas and Nebraska. At night we visited friends of the Peters for cocktails and dinner. Again great food and hospitality. I will not be loosing any weight in Kansas.

06/28/10 Did a hike on the Republic River in the morning with Stan Gienger. Linda, and Meghan. We all got tics on us and I also got bit by mosquitoes. It was however very scenic and Meghan loved it. Next Stan took us to their family farm which had several old buildings and windmills on it. The farm was very scenic and was quite extensive. The country side was a beautiful green this time of year with occasional sun flowers sprinkled on the prairies. The wheat fields were almost ready to harvest and will be a bumper crop this year unless it hails before harvest. I then took Giengers, Peters, and Joy Ray's sister & husband out to lunch at the local pool hall/restaurant. We all had good hamburgers except the Peter's who had deep fried chicken gizzards (yuk yuk). At night we had cocktails and appetizers at Merlin and Shirley's house having a fun time.

06/29/10 I got up early before sunrise and was on the road at 6:15 am with Junior to photograph old buildings and windmills. The sunrise was perfect with lots of big billowy clouds and great warm lighting. Bill took me to several old buildings that he remembered from his childhood. I got lots of great shots using the HDR technology. We got back around 9:30 am and Tommie fixed us a Farmer's breakfast which included biscuits and gravy (the best I ever had), fresh huge free range eggs, bacon, sausage etc. Those Peters sure eat well. We had to take Meghan to the Vet as she still had the runs. We left about noon and drove the 165 miles to Sidney, Nebraska on hwy 80. Stayed at the Cabella RV Park right next to their world head quarters store. I was dead tired from the long day and hit the rack at 9:00 pm.