Dad's Funeral

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5/1/04 In the afternoon Joanne and Charlene both called me about dad's death in the Wyocena Rest Home. His health had been failing him ever since his fall and he hadn't eaten anything for 7 or 8 days. He was a great dad who was a very hardworking, honest, and sincere dad who I respected allot. I know it was best that God took him, but one is never ready for this event. I feel very sad tonight. The funeral will be at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday the 5th of May.

5/3/04 It was dreadfully hot today getting up to 103 F. I took Meghan to the beach at Fiesta Island where the temperature dropped to 82 F. Packed for our trip to Wisconsin for dad's funeral.

5/4/04 Had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to make our United flight to Wisconsin via Denver. Arrived in Madison on time and got our rental car. I ordered a cheap economy car, but they were out and gave us a brand new Lincoln Town Car which was really plush. Drove to Mother's where Joanne, David, Mollie, Charlene, and Mike all showed up. At 4:00 p.m. the minister Marion Hendrickson show up and we all discussed dads eulogy with him for about an hour. After that we all drove to Madison to Biaggi's restaurant for dinner. We stayed at mother's that evening.

5/5/04 We got up late because of jet lag and had a late breakfast at mothers. We then went to Schultz's to buy Owl's Nest Cheese spread and Mother's Day flowers for mother. We arrived at Arlington Lutheran Church as 12:30 p.m. for the funeral. I greeted many people who I hadn't seen for years. About 100 people attended. Dad's casket was open. He sure looked pale in color and did not have that mischievous look on his face that he normally had. You can tell that he had been suffering and was now relieved that he was going to heaven. I touched his cool hand just before the casket was closed. The sermon lasted about 1 hour total, was a bit formal, but skillfully delivered and most of the things we had discussed the previous day were skillfully used by pastor Hendrickson. After the sermon, dad was delivered in the Hearst to the Poynette cemetery where a short final sermon was given. After that a potluck luncheon back at the church was held. The excellent food was provided and served by the church ladies aid. I had a pleasant time talking to the Jahn girls, Rose Kimmel, Bob Priem, Minister Hendrickson, Les Mankee, etc. We then all went back to mother's apartment in Deforest. The sympathy cards were opened and read by Char, Mike, Mollie, and Joanne. It was especially nice to see Charlene and Joanne on friendly terms again. After that Linda and I went to Joanne's for a hike in their forested area. Returned to mothers and retired early.

5/6/04 Flew back to California via Madison to Chicago and then to San Diego. All went well. Picked up our car at Park-and-Ride paying the $10 per day bill of $30.

Group Picture in mother's apartment in Deforest, WI; David, Joanne, Mollie, Charlene, Mike, Mother, Roger, Linda.
Mother on her patio after the funeral with a few of her beautiful flowers.
Mother and her two daughters Joanne and Charlene.
Mother and Joanne.

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