Birding is a great relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. Birders are great people and are always ready to help a beginning birder. I started bird watching in 1997. I attend about 8 Audubon field walks per year enjoying them immensely for the social and educational aspects of birding. I normally limit my outings to 3 - 5 hours. I have MS and more than 6 hours can give me extreme fatigue the next day. I consider myself to be a low intermediate skilled birder.

My favorite field guide is PETERSON FIELD GUIDES - Western Birds . It has little arrows on key features that help ID the birds. My second favorite one is , NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY- The SIBLEY Guide to Birds . It would be my favorite if it wasn't for its large size. The illustration are tops. I use it allot at home.

I use AviSys 5.0 software to record and enter my sightings onto my desktop computer. In the field I use a PDA, Palm V loaded with AviSys Palm software. I also own AviSong software which allows automated bird calls training in association with the PETERSON FIELD GUIDES - Western Bird Songs CD's. I also own the Peterson North American Birds - PETERSON MULTIMEDIA GUIDES a CD to help learn bird identification by sight and sounds. I do not recommend this CD as it is not very user friendly and is very old.

I enjoy the Yahoo , SDBIRDS user group and occasionally post my sightings on it. I am also a member of the Yahoo , INLANDCOUNTYBIRDS user group. This group covers mostly the Imperial Valley area in and around the Salton Sea.

My favorite professional bird leader is Bob Miller from Imperial California. His web site is

My favorite binocular is the , Leica 8x50 . They have wonderful optics and incredible light gathering capability. The price you pay is $$$ & weight. I use a shoulder harness which is the only way to go when using heavy optics.

I currently do not have a good spotting scope, but will probably buy a Televue 78 mm with 20 to 60 zoom Nagler eye piece and a camera adapter for my Nikon cp4500.

If you take up birding I highly recommend joining your local Audubon Group. The San Diego link is The National Link is Field walks and events are posted at the Audubon sites, so in any area of the US while traveling you can join a local Audubon field walk for free.

Last updated on December 8, 2018