Quartzsite area Trip 2021

Diary of Roger and Linda's Quartzsite, Gila Bend, and Organ Pipe Cactus

Nationtion Monument in the Arizona area trip - January 2021

01/14/21 Drove to Quartzsite AZ today with our new Grand Design 5th wheel towed by my new Ram 3500 dually diesel truck. Arrived around 2 pm and got set up for boon docking at BLM Dome Rock camp ground. Had a nice view of Dome Rock and a wash near us. The closest other campers were about 10 yards from us. My new solar panel system and BattleBorn Li batteries worked fine. Weather was perfect in high 70’s with no wind We set the thermostat to run the furnace at 68 F all night long dropping the batteries only down to 80% SOC (state of charge).


01/15/21 Had a nice buttermilk pancakes and bacon for breakfast and did a short walk with Charlie dog and Linda up a scenic dry wash. Did a bid of driving around the area exploring other boon docking sites. Weather continues be warm with low wind velocity.

01/16/21 We drove to Tyson Wells this morning and purchased fresh bread and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The attendance here was about 33% of normal. We stayed away from the Big RV tent show to avoid the cursed covid 19. Considered Silly Ale’s Pizza for lunch but it looked to busy.


01/17/21 We took Charlie dog to the local city park which actually had grass. I drove my RC truck around the park and of course Charlie chased it tirelessly for a good 45 minutes. Other dog owners in the park loved it. There was actually an RC truck competitive trail in the park also available to the public for use. I decided to do it later and never did it. Never put off tomorrow what can be done today!


01/18/21 We packed up this morning and left for the Sonoran Desert RV Park in Gila Bend Arizona. This park was excellent with large clean level gravel sites most with a nice view of desert land with very scenic hills and mountains in the distance. 50 amp service, digital cable tv, fresh water, and well located sewer system. Had very easy access in and out of sites and the park was locked at night. I would pick this park over any of the Phoenix area RV parks.


01/19/21 I got up early today and drove 1.2 hours to Phoenix for my Lectric bike test ride appointment. I loved how the bike handled and ordered one for delivery to San Diego in 30 days. These American made bikes are very popular and the have a back log of orders. It is white and is a step through design only requiring a 18” step up to get on the bike. Its speed in various assist modes is 7 to 28 mph. The travel range is 20 - 30 miles. The cost delivered to San Diego is $980. No pain in my arithmetic back or hip while peddling it. My Kaiser doctor says this type of bike is great exercise for arithmetic patients. I stopped at Walmart to stock up on vegetables and miscellaneous food. Encountered rain on my return to Gila Bend.


01/20/21 As rain was forecast we decided to not visit Organ Pipe Cactus NM for another 2 days.

01/21/21 We decided to visited the Painted Rock Petroglyph site about 20 miles west and 12 miles north of I8 HWY. The drive out was very scenic and asphalt all the way. The Petroglyph’s were - so so - but the adjacent huge BLM camp ground was excellent with lots very scenic level sites perfect for remote quite boon docking. No hook ups at all. The camping fee was about $10 per night 14 day max. The scenery was jagged mountains, Mesquite, Palo Verde and a large variety of cactus. Lots of birds also flying in the area. We intend to stay here 3 or 4 days next time we visit this area. I decided boon docking is not so bad with the right equipment. Got back about 2pm and started packing up for our exit tomorrow.


01/22/21 We drove 85 miles to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument this morning with the 5th wheel for 2 nights of camping at their beautiful rustic dry camp ground right in the desert with perhaps 8 varieties of desert cactus, trees, flowers, and shrubs. Camp ground was one of the prettiest I have ever stayed in. Generators were only allowed 8-10 am and 4-6 pm. I got caught violating the times - twice. No fine as I apologized and turned it off immediately.


01/23/21 We had a leisurely French Toast breakfast with fresh blue berries and strawberry fruit this morning. Enjoyed the view through our 5th wheel large windows - the pretty Saguaro, Organ pipe, and Cholla cactus surrounded us. We left camp around 10 am to drive the Ajo Mountain 22 mile one way scenic drive. This was the highlight of this trip. Max length vehicle length was 26’. My 24’ long dually Dodge Ram was nearly to long for some of the scary mountain curves. The trip took 2 hours on gravel, dirt, and asphalt roads. The landscape scenery was breath taking. I stopped 12-15 times for photo shots. I highly recommend taking the time to do this drive if you ever visit the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.


01/24/21 Rained heavily last night but cleared up in the morning. Returned to Sonora Desert RV Park in Gila Bend this morning. Very short scenic drive with beautiful clouds and lighting in the skies including some rain bows. The drive near the town of Ajo where some old and new copper mines exist was quite scenic.


01/25/21 Rained heavily last night but cleared up in the morning. Returned to Sonora Desert RV Park in Gila Bend this morning.


01/26/21 Returned home today via Yuma and El Centro, about a 7 hour drive. Arrived home at 2:30pm.