Mexican Trip 2020

Diary of Roger's Mexican trip to Grand Bahia Principe Copa - January 2020

01/25/20 We left our home in our rental car at 3:45 am for the San Diego Airport. Our flight leaving at 6:15am to Dallas and then to Cancun, Mexico. We arrived on time in Cancun. We fought through the condo time share hawk salesman and found our shuttle transport company. It took 1.5 hours on a busy highway to reached our all inclusive resort “Grand Bahia Principe Copa”. This resort is huge and the driver took us to the wrong Tulum satellite area, so we had to reload our suit cases and move them to the to Copa satellite area, another 1/2 hour before finally getting into our room at 7:45pm..After meeting my sister Charlene and Mike, we immediately headed for the buffet restaurant to eat as we were all famished as we got no food on our flights. Returned to room and unpacked. It was soo cold in our room and the heater in the room would not work - BUMMER. If I don’t catch cold it will be a miracle as I was cold all night.


01/26/20 We survived the cold night and got up about 8:30am and showered. To warm up the room we turned off the cooling all together and it eventually warmed up. It was a mostly partly sunny morning in the low 80’s. Went to the buffet for breakfast. The omelets made to ordered were very good. After breakfast we attempted to book dinners at some of the specialty restaurants. We got one booking for Monday at the Brazilian - Venezuelan restaurant, but had to agree to eat on the beach and pay an extra $35/per person for lobster in order to get the reservations. Last time we visited this resort, this was by far the best restaurant so I agreed to pay the extra money. We ate again at the Buffet for dinner to night. The dinner food was much better than last night. I ordered a nice bottle of Italian wine GABBIANO CHIANTI CLASSICO 2016 which I liked allot.


01/27/20 Got up at 8:15am and went to the buffet at the Copa for breakfast. For lunch we took an electric shuttle ride over to the Tulum satellite to have a walk on the beach and later having a light lunch at the Tulum buffet. It was hot in the high 80’s so we shuttled back to our Copa satellite rooms to cool off. At 6:00pm we again shuttled back to the Tulum satellite where the Brazilian restaurant on the beach was located. We had to walk about 4 very scenic city blocks along the ocean to get there. We were seated at a table on the sandy beach with white table cloth located on a mini hill with palm trees swaying in the breeze with an awesome sunset. It really was nice and romantic for about a 1/2 hour. After dark the temperature dropped dramatically and every body except me was freezing. I smartly brought my heavy black warm climbing sweater. I told Linda three times at our room to bring her sweater!!!! When a strong cold wind commenced, of course I had to give up my sweater to her. I purchased a relatively expensive (for Mexico) bottle of Italian wine. I asked the wine semolina if any sweaters were available to keep us warm? He said that the best he could do is give us 3 large table cloth’s to wrap around us, which we immediately accepted. These kept us warmer, especially after the brisk wind stopped howling after dark . We were served a tasty fancy highly decorated salad first. The service was really slow, probably because our middle aged waiter had to hike it in a quite long distance from the kitchen to our little hill on the ocean. The main course lobster was very good. Desert was a tapioca pudding which was so so. We left fast after desert to get back to our room for a hot shower to warm up. Linda was the only one not frozen to an ice sickle because she had my high tech warm sweater.


01/28/20 Last night was a horrible night as I caught the intestinal flu and diarrhea. I stayed in bed until 6:00pm noon today getting up to take a shower and right back into bed. Symptoms are diarrhea, nauseous, throwing up, stomach cramps, extreme tired feeling, and mild temperature . We think it is something we ate at the Brazilian restaurant, probably the huge green salad we had. Linda went to the Mexican specialty restaurant tonight with Mike and Charlene. They enjoyed the dinner. Linda thinks she has the same symptoms as me now. I watched a couple “Heart of Dixie” Netflix shows on my IPAD and went back to bed for the rest of the night.


01/29/20 Woke up feeling much better today but still had some lingering symptoms. I stayed in bed most of the day with the main symptom being fatigue and light headache. Lynda also has something similar to my maladies. She was up and down all night going to the bathroom. Linda went out for a light lunch. She also stopped at a resort store to purchased me some Lomotil tablets, a drug which is suppose to expedite the recovery of my ailments. I took two 2mg tablets and since have not thrown up or had a serious diarrhea attack. At 2:00pm in the afternoon I and Linda decided that neither one of us were well enough for the Mikado Japanese Teppan-yaki dining tonight, we were very disappointed but had to cancel this - one of our favorite cuisines. Charlene and Mike went and enjoyed but got wet big time walking back to their room. At 8:00pm Mike is our 3rd casualty contracting this horrible malady.


01/30/20 Linda and I woke up feeling much better this morning. Linda, Charlene, and I went out for breakfast and lunch. We ate like sparrows and only consumed food that was unlikely to have a virus or bacteria attached to it. I had 1/3 portion of cereal with yogurt for breakfast. For lunch; sushi, fried rice, and whole wheat roll - all 1/3 portion with no oil or butter. At 2:00pm Charlene thinks she has contracted the dreaded crude that the rest of us have. Hopefully she will be well enough to travel, come this Saturday 2 days from now. Mike has been totally out of commission for 24 hours, kind of in a stupor laying in bed not even letting the maid in to clean up. Charlene has decided to sleep in the spare bed to avoid contamination as this intestinal flue is actually quite contagious.


01/31/20 I got up at 6:30am this morning to get ready for our Jungle guided Eco hike. Linda now has diarrhea and has decided it would not be good idea to contaminate the jungle. We stopped at the company store and bought her some Lomotil to alleviate her symptoms ASAP. I got my camera and hiking gear ready and headed via electric trolly to the meeting place at the tennis courts about 2 or 3 miles away. About 8 hikers show up from all over the world - England, Spain, Canada, US, etc. Our guide spoke good English and knew a lot about jungle fauna and flora. We were eaten big time by mosquitos but the guide saved our lives with some repellent. It is true that mosquitos do like dark colors. The Canadian’s wearing black had swarms of mosquitos and I wearing white had very view. I had a lite weight white pull over with hoody pulled down to protect my neck and face which saved my life. The most interesting part of the hike for me was the replica of a Mayan home. I got several photos of the interior and exterior showing their cooking tools, sleeping hammocks, ventilation techniques, hygiene tools, religious items, etc. The Mayan had many clever practices one of them was how they procured honey by protecting the bees from their worst enemy - ants. They installed the bee hives on an A frame and positioned the four legs of the A frame in water fill pots so the ants could not get to the hives without drowning in the water. Simple but soo effective. I talked extensively with a interesting man who was a import-export antique dealer from England who had been on our US Antique Road Show TV program. Enjoyed also talking with a female dentist from Barcelona Spain. She spoke excellent English and I asked her lots of questions about dentistry. She had brought 8 relatives over and they had rented a villa with an ocean view in the Bahia Principal Resort. I also talked with two young men from Canada who where probably gay. One of them worked at Costco and was a pharmacist. He assured me that the Lomotil drug I was using for my intestinal flu and diarrhea was totally safe and an effective drug. The tour lasted 2.5 hours and then I jumped onto a electric trolly returning to the room. Linda had not had a problem after taking the Lomotil and was ready for lunch. We decided to skip the Apple Travel dinner and party tonight because Mike was still feeling quite ill. I took last nights purchased Malbec wine to the buffet with Linda, Charlene, Mike, and Linda to have our final dinner at the resort. When we arrived at our regular table with our favorite little waitress who was really fun and spoke better English than me, we found that it had been decorated with a very attractive swans center place made with white napkins. Charlene asked our waiter last night about these elaborate decorations on some tables and was really impressed when we got one installed on our table. I had made to order pasta with veggies and sauce bolognese with a bit of fruit papaya and watermelon for dinner.


02/1/20 We got up about 7:30am and had breakfast with Char and Mike. Our shuttle to the airport picked us up at 11:30am on time. The Apple Travel services provided on this trip was as promised and on time. I highly recommend Apple Travel but not necessarily booked with Grand Bahia Principe Copa resort. The ride to the airport in a very comfortable Mercedes van took about 1.5 hours. The driver was very skilled in heavy traffic but still made me nervous because he did a lot of very close tail gating. We arrived at the airport with 2.5 hours before flight departure. The check in using electronic machines was not bad. When we got to security check we spent about 1.5 hours getting through it. Linda’s s small green bag had a problem recheck because she had a coffee cup in it. We finally got through security and now the next problem; Linda threw away our emigration documents received at the original entry into Mexico. We were even warned that if we loose them, that we would have to purchase another for each person costing $35 per person, but Linda was talking instead of listening!!!!! It was a major problem to find the concession in the airport that sold them. We finally found it, filled out the stupid forms one for each person, submitted passport, and paid the $70 for two people which was then attached to our boarding pass. With out it your airlines will not let you on the plan. We made it to the gate with only 5 minutes to spare. The rest of the trip home was smooth. The final flight from Charleston to San Diego was not full and we were able to lay down on three seats and get some shut sleep. We arrived in San Diego 30 minutes early, found our luggage, and got a cab home with a driver who once before had taken us home - quite unlikely but true. The cost was $70 with tip.

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