Mexican Trip 2018

Diary of Roger's Mexican trip to Bahia Principe Resort - February 2018

01/30/18 I got up at 4:15 am today for my Mexico trip to meet my sister Charlene and her husband Mike at the Bahia Principe Tulum Resort on the Riviera Maya near Cancun, Mexico. The air flights to Dallas and then Cancun all went timely with now problems. I had upgraded to isle seats with extra leg room which were very comfortable. In Cancun Airport I found my reserved shuttle transport after going through a bunch of vulture cab drivers looking for fares. The Van ride to the resort located near Tulum took almost 3 hours as it had multiple passengers and stops. Mike met me at the front desk and helped get me get a room next to them in the huge resort. Mike and I had a lite dinner at one of the huge buffet restaurants. Charlene was too tired for dinner. It was about 8:30 pm and I was dead tired. I unpacked and went to bed.


01/31/18 Slept well and got up at 8:00am. We all had breakfast at the large buffet which was quite good especially fruit, breads, and made to order omelets or fried eggs. After breakfast we did a walk of this beautiful resort facing the ocean to the east. The beaches have beautiful clean white sand with clear turquoise water. Some areas had rock breakers to keep the waves small for the swimmers and snorklers. We had dinner at one of the premium restaurants called LA GRAN TORTUGA (turtle). I did not have reservations, but we were told that if you purchased a bottle of wine you would immediately have reservations. This was by far the best restaurants we went to at the resort. The salad bar and Spanish style appetizers were excellent. The huge variety of meats served all rubbed with excellent variety of spices and grilled some where with open mesquite charcoal and then rushed out to the tables on a large skewer and then a piece of meat was cut off and served to you. The quality and taste was superb. Most red meat of all kinds were served, but platters of freshly grilled vegetables and seafood was also presented to us. We must have had 15 different kinds of meat served to us almost all of the cooked to perfection. I was very skeptical of going to this highly recommended restaurant but will never shun Brazilian food again. Apparently this style of cuisine originated from the Gaucho cowboys who herded the cattle on the large ranches down there. At the end they also made us special coffee which flamed big time as the alcohol burned off while being poured into the coffee cup. This will be an evening I will never forget.


02/01/18 The weather was excellent for beach sun bathing today as the temperature was near 80 F. and the wind and waves were very docile. Unfortunately could not find a palapa that was open near the water. Tomorrow we must stake out some chairs on a palapa with our towels so we have a place to enjoy the beach in the shade. Tonight we ate at the prime restaurant called the Tequilas which had Mexican food. I told them that I intended to purchase wine and they asked if we wanted to have our dinner served outside on the beach with a nice view of the ocean which we gladly accepted. The ambiance and outdoor dinning was a first time excellent experience, but unfortunately the food was average to bad. I tried an expensive bottle of Mexican wine which was good but still not up to my standards of a good red wine. The special flaming coffee prepared at the table was excellent. Char and Mike had Margaritas which were excellent.


02/02/18 We took a cab to Akumal Bay today walking around to check out the area for a day of snorkeling tomorrow. Mike and I walked around talking to snorklers and visiting the dive shop. It was a very beautiful bay teaming with all sorts of marine life including a large population of green turtles. We went to a wonderful seafood restaurant very Mexican with a thatched palm leaf roof called “La Cuera del Pescador”. Our lunch was wonderful. I had shrimp tacos and Char & Mike had a shrimp Quesadia all was outstanding. At night we attended a Mexican production similar to a Ballet Folk Lariat. It was very entertaining but a had a hard time staying away after the exercise on the beach in the sun.


02/03/18 Mike and I again took a cab at 7:30am to Akumal Bay to do a snorkel tour to where the green turtles are, off a boat at 8:00 am sponsored by the local dive shop. The weather was perfect around 72 F. with no wind. This bay is very beautiful with large sandy beaches. The dive shop was not even open when we got there. The Mexican guy I booked the tour with apparently did not understand 8:00 am. We both went to the free shore dive snorkeling area and Mike went out first seeing many fish and one green turtle. I did not have my fins with me and decided that the water was too cold, so I suggested Mike go out again while I watched our valuables. He came back in again and all of sudden some returning divers said that another green turtle was spotted and I suggest that Mike go out again with my GoPro as his was leaking, When he got back he said that he got some awesome video footage of the turtle and was quite happy, We talked with other diver snorklers about what they had seen and about the best spots to snorkel in the Riviera Maya area. As we had not paid, we decided to skip the boat tour because the waves looked too high and of course the water was also too cold to suit me. I talked Mike into walking back on the beach to our resort. It was quite an adventure as we did not know if it was passable all the way back. It turned out to be mildly strenuous with some areas of very soft sand, some minor rock climbing, and a short trek through a jungle area that had mosquitos. It was about a 3 mile hike very scenic and enjoyable. Got back to our room tired but glad we did it, had lunch and snoozed most of the afternoon until dinner time. Charlene had an upset stomach and skipped dinner. Mike and I went to Don Pablo a premium gourmet restaurant where again I ordered a bottle of Norton Malbec wine from Argentina which I like for only $44. They brought us a special appetizer for purchasing the wine. I tried to get the waiter to make crepe suzettes, but after several requests he would not make them for us. He did make special flaming coffee for me, which was excellent. The food at this restaurant was not even close to the quality of the Brazilian LA GRAN TORTUGA however, it did have a nice ambiance and the service was good. I did tip the guy $11 for the wine and special coffee.


02/04/18 Went out at 9:00 am for a leisurely breakfast at a buffet where I had fresh fried eggs with ham, coffee, papaya, and whole wheat toast with butter and coffee. This was a typical breakfast for me. We spent several hours under a palapa near the beach and then had lunch. Charlene is again having stomach pains and suffering a bit. I am thinking that perhaps she is dehydrated as I rarely see her drinking water. I ate with Mike in the main buffet building. I had sushi, payea, Dutch Cheese, fresh bread rolls, and fruit dipped into white chocaloat vanilla sauce bubler machine with lots of really good fresh fruit, especially good was the pineaple. Returned to the room to watch the super bowl game, but the tv coverage dropped out at half time. What a bummer. I was however able to get progress description of the game on my iphone. Eagles won Yah Yah


02/05/18 Well, I am 75 years old today and still kicking. Mike and I left the room 6:45 am to photograph the sunrise and take video with my Mavic Pro drone. It was picture book sunrise on the beach and I secured some good footage.

02/06/18 I got up at 6:15 am showered and went to the front desk to check out. Had no time for breakfast as the buffet did not open until 7:00 am. I got picked up by Speedy shuttle at 7:40 am ten minutes late and with light traffic it took only about 1.5 hours to arrive at the Cancun airport. A random attendant helped me check in using only my passport and a electronic machines which even allowed me to pay the $26 for my one luggage bag using a credit card. My boarding passes were printed by the machine and then the nice English speaking man walked my to the baggage check. The whole process only took about 10 minutes and cost me $5 for the tip. Traveling recently has been getting way too easy. I walked into the large airport staging area through the duty free huge store and then into the restaurant area where I had black roasted coffee, bagel with cream cheese, and strawberry jam for dinner. I met Car and Mike before taking off for about and 1/2 hour. All went quite well on two flight legs to San Diego. The GO card worked extremely well through emigration in Dallas one I figured out that they only wanted 4 finger print scans, not 5. These programmers fail to tell the client the most basic requirements some times. Had to take the sky shuttle to next flight in the huge Dallas airport, but no problems. Arrived in San Diego just a few minutes late and Linda picked me up. A very nice relaxing short little vacation on the beautiful beaches of Mexico, I enjoyed myself a lot.

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