Colorado Trip 2018

Diary of Roger and Linda's Colorado trip to Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs - August & September2018

08/29/18 We left with our 5th wheel trailer today on our Colorado trip.  Stayed at the Oasis RV Park a very nice upscale RV Park on the strip across the street from the Silverado Casino.  The temperature was about 100 F.  Linda and I finally a made it to a the best Thai restaurant and maybe in the world called Lotus of Siam.  The high ratings it has is well deserved.  We will try to attend this restaurant on every future trip to Las Vegas.


08/30/19 Drove to Richfield, UT today.  Had some trouble with the truck brake controller for the 5th wheel.  It burned the printed circuit board and locked up the trailer wheels.  Good thing it happened in a parking lot and not on the road at 65 mph.  We were both alarmed and annoyed by the smell of burnt electronics.  I was able to disconnect the umbilical cord unlocking the trailer brakes and drove the truck to St. George Utah Camping World with no brakes.  I bought a new brake controller and was able to install in a hard 1.5 hours of labor.  It worked perfectly better than old one and all was well.  We arrived in Richfield, UT about 5:30 pm and parked in this best of all KOA RV Parks in the USA.


08/31/18 Drove to Grand Junction CO today with no problems.  The high altitude rocky San Rafael Swell picturesque rocky scenery was so beautiful.


09/01/18 Drove to Steamboat Springs today.  It was a long hard day of driving with curvy roads and extremely steep grades up to 10%.  One grade on the Colorado River at a location called junction was a 1/2 hour up a grade at 6% or more.  I had to stop 2/3rds the way up to let the overheated engine cool down.  When I get home I will be spending some money to determine the reason for the engine overheating.  We found our destination called Eagle Soaring RV Park located in nice open space country about 8 miles south of town. My sister Charlene and her husband visited and I made grilled bratwurst with sweetened and season sauerkraut for dinner.


09/02/18   I cooked every night at the trailer preparing well received comments on the quality of food.  Some mornings we had breakfast at a  restaurant in town called Wionnas which was excellent.


09/07/18  We drove about 4 hours today on a very scenic drive to Glenwood Springs and checked in the Amis Acres RV Park.  I love Colorado and think is on a par with Idaho.  We went up a very steep grade 6-10% near Junction on the Colorado River which over heated my truck.  I would later spent $3000 + on that truck to fix several things which was causing the over heating.  Kenny Morse show up in the late afternoon and we went to a late late lunch with him at Culvers and then to the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company for dinner.  I had one glass of  gourmet stout beer here that had 10% alcohol content which actually gave me an hangover the next day. 


09/08/18  Went to Grizzly Creek with Mat's ashes today and spread on a pretty part of the creek.


09/10/18  Linda, Charlie, and I drove to Maroon Bells near Aspen today for a short hike.  It is still a beautiful spot to see especially with the fall colors.


09/12/18  We arrived home with now troubles today after 2 days on the road.  Stayed in Richfield, Utah the best KOA park in the US the first night and the 2nd night in Henderson, NV where we took out Renee Carter to a really good gourmet pizza restaurant.




Last updated on October 22, 2018