Borrego Springs 2016

Diary of my photo trip to Borrego Springs in March 2016

03/9-12/16 I attended the Darkroomers photo shoot out to Boreggo Springs camping out in my 5th wheel trailer. The trip was led by my long time friend Rich Strobel. We dry camped at Rock Canyon north east of town. Richard and I toured the area in his jeep the first 2 days. We did Fonts point during the day and at 3:00am to shoot the Milky-way. We also visited Inspiration Point which definitely required a jeep. The first two days and nights were beautiful with no wind and nice warm temperatures. I did Corned Beef with vegetables one night for our immediate group. On the 3rd night I did a pasta with vegetables and barbecued pork tenderloin Yum Yum. On the 3rd and 4th days it was extremely windy where we were camped. One morning we did breakfast in town with the entire group perhaps 20 people. On the last two days I spent time shooting the Sky Objects, desert flowers, local art festival, and landscape scenery. The shoot was lots of fun especially all the comradery involved with shooting together in a group with great photographers.

Last updated on March 31, 2016