"Home Improvements" San Diego 2014

Roger's trip Diary of various home improvement events in 2014

11/03/14 About 2 months ago Linda decided that she wanted another gazebo similar to the one I made with my dad perhaps 25 years ago. I hired a reputable contractor and had it built for $20,000 and it came out very nice. We are both happy with it and have already had two parties under its red tile roof. Next I decided that the garage should be cleaned up and that a new epoxy floor would help motivate me to go through all the work necessary to get it done. The non skid floor is beautiful and is so easy to sweep up and keep clean. My main comment is, "why didn't I do this sooner?" The cost including hauling big woodworking equipment in and out of a temporary enclosure was about $2500. We also decided to do the driveway and side walks leading into the house with a nice texture coat that matched what we did in the gazebo. The color we picked does show auto tire marks and if we did it again, we would probably pick a darker color. The cost for this was about $4000. The roofing contractor of the gazebo was next employed to power wash and reseal our house red tile roof. They used 5 people to do it and finished washing in 2.5 days. It came out very nice with no evidence of mill dew and smoke damage left. It cost us about $2800. Maintaining a house is not cheap, but worth the effort. Hope many of you will come visit and party in the new gazebo.