"Silent Electric Flyers" San Diego 2013
Roger's trip Diary of varius SEFSD events in 2013

06/8/13 I now have another official hobby - flying and maintaining electric radio controlled flying devices for fun and photo opportunity's. I joined the SEFSD a local club and the AMA "Academy of Model Aeronautics" a national organization. The AMA apparently provides $2.5 million of liability insurance if I injure a spectator, assuming I have followed their safety rules, but not another pilot. I attended the local SEFSD annual Bomb Drop today at the Mission Bay Flying Park. It was great fun and if I am still around and active next year I will definitely join in on the competition. Mr. Jim Bonnardel a club member organized and ran the competition. Jim also runs a business selling planes and parts. He is a rep for DJI and I recently purchased a Phantom Quad Copter from him. His price was a very good deal and the great thing about it is the support he gives new owners. He delivered the quad copter to the Mission Bay Air Field and gave me 1 hour of coaching and orientation for the copter. I am really loving it so far and plan on using it mostly for shooting video and still photos using my GoPro camera. A group of the club members meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for flying and shooting the bull, which I joined. So close your blinds as my drone DJI Phantom is on the prowl.

06/13/13 I invited my photography buddies; Richard Bledso, Richard Strobel, Bill Remingler, and Lew Tipton to the SEFSD flying park in Mission Bay. Only me and Bledso did any shooting. I guess the others were not interested in electric model air planes or helicopters. It was fun discussing various photo topics and Bills photo trip to South Africa. There was lots of activity with planes and helicopters. I was actually worried about a mid air collision a time or two. It was quite windy and my GoPro video had lots of jellow effects from the copter guidance system corrections.