Quartzsite 2013
Roger and Linda's trip Diary to Quartzsite, Arizona, January 17- 21, 2013

01/17/12 The day before leaving, I had lost my billfold with all my ID and credit cards in it. I decided to leave anyway as I had plenty of cash and Linda still had a credit card we could use. Linda, Meghan, and I left from San Diego with the 5th wheel trailer for Quartzsite around 8:00am. We drive via hwy 15 to hwy 10 past Palm Springs. We arrived around 2:30pm. The Peters and their son Greg were all set up near the BLM land where we normally camp. My sister arrived around 5:00pm and we had Charlene's Chili for dinner. We had a short camp fire and went to bed early.

01/18/12 Wow it was cold last night in low 40's. I set my trailer thermostat to 60 F. and was cold all night until I turned it up to 71 F. at 7:00am. I made a cheese omelet for my self and Linda for breakfast. Joanne and David came over from Blythe around 10:30 am and we took off for the Tyson Wells shopping center in Quartzsite. Linda and I bought nothing, but I came close to purchasing an electric helicopter. We ate at a barbecued pulled pork food stand in the mid afternoon which carried us all through dinner. I got a call from my Insurance agent who said that some guy had called them, saying that he found my billfold. I immediately called him back and confirmed that he had it. He agreed to keep it for 2 weeks until I get back and would not accept a reward which I offered. It fell off my truck where I had left it when putting my repaired generator away in the truck. This really took an oppressive load off my mind and I began to enjoy the trip more immediately. We were all dead tired, so we came back to the camp site and relaxed in the sun until campfire time. We enjoyed about 1.5 hours of campfire and then retired to the trailer for an hour of satellite TV and then to an early bed.

01/19/12 Wow, even colder tonight. I turned the thermostat up to 65 F. Fortunately my new batteries and my recently repaired solar panel controller did the job all night. The batteries held up and they recharged great during the day. We had a scone and cinnamon roll breakfast early and headed for the big RV Show at Tyson Wells, finding a parking spot in the desert about 1/2 mile from the big tents. I walked miles past all the new RV equipment booths until noon. We all had lunch together and shopped a bit longer. I almost lost my cell phone, but the induction pots and pans barker guy had it saved for me and returned it to me with out a problem. I then decided to buy an electric helicopter so I could compete with my brother-in-law David who had purchased the same copter I got. We returned to camp for relaxing in the sun and copter flying. It was too windy for copter flying. We had a early group Mexican theme - pot luck dinner tonight. The food was all great and too abundant. I made barbecued Carne Asada for my dish. It was purchased from Ramey's in Brawley and was delicious. I did campfire until 9:00pm and retired to bed.

01/20/12 Spent the day mostly in camp getting ready for an exit tomorrow. Most sport fans watched the NFL play off games on TV. I was not happy with teams who were playing so I did other things including some photography. I tried flying the new copter but even a mild wind was too much for the bird to fly in. I went out to purchase more propane for our Death Valley dry camp out later. We had the preceding days cookout left overs for dinner. Enjoyed another 2 hour camp fire with a bit of vino and retired to the trailer for TV and early bed.

01/21/12 I raised the thermostat to 68 F. seeing it was the last night here without power. The batteries did get down to 11.7 volts, but heater worked fine and I was able to get the slides back in. Had a nice time in Quartzsite with relatively good weather. We left around 9:00am for Las Vegas.