Mother's Funeral Wisconsin 2013
Roger and Linda's trip Diary to my Mothers Funeral in Wisconsin, January 31 - February 3, 2013

01/21/13 We got word from the Columbia Healthcare Center that mother died in the morning. She was 98 years old and was doing fine 2-3 days prior, but she contracted the flue and died 3 days later. We were in Quartzsite, Arizona with the 5th wheel on vacation with are usual group and with one of my sisters Joanne Allen when we found out. We started home the next day via Las Vegas.

01/30/13 Linda and I drove Meghan the Irish Terrier up to Temecula for boarding during our trip to Wisconsin for mothers funeral. Her funeral was scheduled for Saturday February 2 at the Lutheran Church in Arlington, Wisconsin.

01/31/13 We left Thursday morning via Delta Airlines from San Diego at 7:00am flying to Madison, WI via St. Paul Minneapolis, MI. We made all our connections with some delays arriving around 3:00 pm into Madison. We rented our Enterprise Honda car and drove on slippery snowy roads out to our hotel. We got checked into the hotel in Deforest, WI. My niece Mollie and her husband Jeff Bowers flew into Madison about 4:00pm. We met them and Joanne and David Allen for dinner at the Texas Rode House one of mother's favorite restaurants. She called it the peanut house as free peanuts are served and the shells are thrown on the floor. I had mothers favorite "baby back barbecued ribs" yum yum.

02/01/13 We slept late and drove over the slippery icy snowy roads to the Allen house for lunch. I stopped at some of my old childhood routes and home steads for snowy photo opts. We relaxed and socialized in front of a roaring fireplace for a few hours. We then all drove to Wisconsin Dells. We went to our favorite cheese house called Carr Valley and purchased about 8 different blue ribbons cheeses to take back to California. IMHO Wisconsin cheese is really the best in the world with perhaps the exception of France. We then all went to dinner at very nice restaurant "Field's Premier Steakhouse" located in a huge resort called "Field's at the Wilderness". The ambiance was wonderful. The resort had 3 indoor water parks. We had a leisurely nice dinner and returned to the Alan fireplace to warm up before driving home in an icy cold rental car. The temperature was hovering a few degrees below zero.

02/02/13 Slept in late again and dressed for mother's funeral. I again drove through my childhood rural areas stopping a couple of times for photo opts. We were greeted at the Arlington Lutheran church by the funeral home representative. My other sister Charlene Winters was already there and had brought some nice photo posters, a book about mothers life, and some other photos which were all on display. The Allen Family was also there when we arrived. Justin and Krystal Babcock with their two cute children Tessa & Tyler arrived shortly after us. The casket selected by mother many years ago was very eloquent. There was a tasteful display of flowers on each side with lots of carnations mothers favorite flower. About 50 people attended the funeral. Most went out to the very cold but pretty snow covered cemetery for the final burial of mother. We then all returned to the church for an excellent potluck style lunch put on by the church ladies aid. Mother would have been very happy with the food and the congenial atmosphere. A very nice ending but extremely sad.

02/03/13 Our Delta plane left at 4:00pm from Madison on time at 4:00pm. The flights and connections went smoothly. We arrived home at 7:30pm as scheduled and recovered our car at the Sheraton hotel across the street from the airport. Arrived home about 8:30pm and crashed very shortly there after.