Gay Pride Parade 2013
Roger's Diary of the Gaypride Parade in Hillcrest San Diego California - July 13, 2013

07/13/13 I decided to attended the Gaypride Parade in Hillcrest as I had never been to it during my entire 25 year occupation in San Diego. I parked a block away from 5th and University in a bank building underground parking lot for $10. I found a shady spot right after the route turned left onto 5th avenue. I was suprised at the high qualitity of the parade and how many sponsors in San Diego supported the event. I pretty much camped out in the same spot for about 1.5 hours and became aquainted with some the people around me including a group of girls who were going to join the parade in the middle and a young couple who decided to get engaged during the course of the parade.