Venus Transit 2012
Roger's trip Diary to Sycamore Canyon County park to watch and photograph the Venus transit of the sun. 3:00 pm, June 5, 2012

06/05/12 I packed up my photo and astronomy solar viewing equipment into the truck in the morning and after playing a round of duplicate bridge finishing at 2:30 pm, I headed out to Sycamore Canyon County Park about 5 miles east of my house in Scripps Ranch San Diego. Only people with solar viewing equipment were allowed to go into the main parking area, so the astronomers had room for their set ups. The public was allowed to park along the 1 mile dirt road coming into the main lot. I would guess that at least 200 general public and astronomers showed up for this once in my life time event. I set up my 85mm Televue refractor telescope with a white light Baader filter just in time to watch Venus ingress the sun. I then got my Canon Mark iii set up using prime focus, using the telescope as the camera's lens. I took a photo approximately every 1/2 hour having to recenter the scope each time as I was using my Vixen Porta manual non tracking ALT-AZ mount. Between shots I toured the parking lot admiring and viewing through other astronomers set ups. I have been doing little astronomy the past year and I had not seen many of the SDAA club members for so long a time. It was good to see several of my old buddies and shooting the bull with them. I had a wonderful time and stayed until sunset around 8:45 pm.