Salt Lake 2012
Roger and Linda's trip Diary to and from Salt Lake City, Utah, January 14-21, 2012

01/14/12 Linda and I left Las Vegas at 7:00am and arrived at the KOA RV park in Salt Lake City at 4:30am. It was a long tiring drive. We went out for pizza down town for dinner which was very busy because a Utah Jazz game was going on. The purpose of our trip was to attend my nieces wedding on Martin Luther King day.

01/15/12 We met my two sisters and their husbands at the Mormon Tabernacle to watch the Sunday morning TV show of the choir and orchestra. It was another wonderful performance as usual. It is the longest running network TV series to ever run, over 4,000 performances. After this we did a guided tour of the 1 billion dollar Mormon conference center building which was very impressive. After that we all went to brunch at a very good French Restaurant called the ZY Restaurant. Mike and Charlene returned with us to the trailer. Mike and I took the Irish Terrier Meghan for a walk along the Jordan River which flows right next to our RV park. We then watched the Green Bay Packers in their loosing effort. After Char and Mike left I discovered that I had left my purse at the restaurant or in my brother-in-laws rental SUV. Of course I could not even call anyone because my cell phone was in my purse.

01/16/12 Got up at 7:00am and took Meghan for a nice walk along the Jordan River. Linda and I both then dressed up and got ready for Mollies wedding in American Fork, Utah. The wedding ceremony starting at 10:15am went very well. Several of Mollie's friends did musical presentations which was great. The Mormon Bishop did a nice job with the actual wedding. The old nicely restored church where the wedding was held was very pleasant with lots of beautiful paintings and figurines. The reception held in the same building also went very well. The luncheon buffet presented to the 120+ guest was excellent. We ate so much that we cancelled our dinner reservations we had for the evening at the Copper Onion.

01/17/12 Linda, myself, Charlene, Mike, and Joanne all met at Park City to walk the town and do shopping. The weather was perfect sunny warm with no wind. We had a fun day. Linda and I cooked hamburgers in the trailer for dinner.

01/18/12 Took Linda and Joanne shopping in the morning and early afternoon. We had lunch at Harvest Breads. In the evening Linda and I went the "Red Iguana" Mexican restaurant for dinner. Linda loved hers but mine was too hot, but still quite good.

01/19/12 I left at 10:00am for Snow Basin east of Logan to meet Charlene at 11:00am. This was one of the plushest ski resorts I have ever seen. I stayed in the beautiful lodge with Charlene while Mike skied. Char, Mike, and I took the tram up to the top lodge where we had a leisurely lunch. The conditions were warm in the 40's and the snow was very good considering the warm temperature. I decided my health was not up for skiing this time. I enjoyed my self a lot conversing with Charlene and doing photography. Returned home to the trailer around 3:30pm. Linda and I had Mexican left overs from last night for dinner.

01/20/12 I took Meghan for a nice long walk along the Jordan River in the morning. We then drove south to meet Dave, Joanne, and Aaron at Salt City Burger CO restaurant in Sandi, UT. I must admit that these burgers were in the top 3 I have ever tasted. Came home and started packing up for our trip to Las Vegas tomorrow.

01/21/12 Left Salt Lake about 7:30am and drove through intermittent rain, snow, and high winds to Las Vegas checking to Sams Town RV Park. I was dead tired after this 420 mile trip and went to bed right after dinner.