Over the Line 2012
Roger, Bette, and her brother, trip Diary to "Over the Line" Tournament 2012

7/14/12 We attended the 59th Annual World Championship Over The Line Tournament held the weekends of 7/14 and 7/21. This was my first tournament ever. The 1200 teams have outrages names mostly relating to sex. ESPN will not cover the event because the names are too raunchy. The competitive event encompasses what the adults-only San Diego crowd love about summer: skimpy clothing, alcohol, and fun in the sun. The city of San Diego issues a special-event permit to allow the consumption of alcohol during the tournament. Its all about tradition and has been going on the same way for 58 years, first in Mission Beach and now on Fiesta Island. I was able to get on the island with my truck because of my handicap status. Without handicap, it is likely you will have to walk 1 - 2 miles to reach the action.

It is a softball like game. There are three players per team. There is no pitcher as the batting team just tosses the ball up for his team mate to hit. A hit is any ball hit into fair territory on the fly without being caught by the three opposing fielders, any ball touched and dropped by the fielders, or fielders crossing "the line" or its extensions when attempting to catch the ball. Home runs; any ball hit past the last man in fair territory on the fly. For more info see following web site "Rules of the Game"

I watched a group from a law firm first, taking photos and then joined Bette and her brother. You bring your own beach chairs, beer, and food if you wish. If you prefer there are several bars and food concessions available. After a couple of hours, several hiking friends showed up. We decided to watch Jim Leckie's son who had a team competing. Maurice and Julie were also present. Jim and Maurice were feeling no pain by noon. They were flirting a bit with some of the more colorfully dressed girls which I captured - (see slide show below.) I had a fun time people watching and photographing the diverse crowd. As I had another engagement to attend, I did not drink which definitely is not in the spirit of the event. It was a fun time non the less and I thank Bette for the invite.


Below is a You Tube slide show video of the Event. Select a computer with a nice big monitor:

  1. Click on the arrow key to start.
  2. Click on the pause key.
  3. Click on the gear key to change the quality to 1080p. This gives you the best possible quality.
  4. Click on the window key on the far right to give you full screen viewing.
  5. Click on the arrow start key.
  6. Adjust the sound to your liking.
  7. Hit Escape key when the video has finished.