Lindo Lake 2012
Roger, Lew, Richard Bledso, and Rich Strobel's photo shoot trip Diary to Lindo Lake 2012

03/28/12 The four of us met at 7:30am at the park in Lakeside. The weather was perfect in the low 60's, no wind, and clear. This park is really well used by the locals for hiking, birding, and dog walking. There were lots of local resident birds and a few migrating species. We stayed mostly on the west side of the lake to get the good sun light early morning light behind us. The group was 1/2 Canon and 1/2 Nikon today. Richard Bledso has a Canon so I enjoyed discussing and perusing his extensive gear collection. The guys attending are all great photographers so I always learn something from them. I stayed until 11:45am and then went to lunch with my good friend Rich Stroble. On the way home I stopped at Doug Willinghams house to show him my JB Willingham photo slide show and the photo book I prepared for him.