Summer Trip Diary 2011

Diary of Roger's 5th wheel trip summer 2011 June, July, August

06/21/11 day 1 Left about 7:30 am for the Grand Canyon about 210 miles away. Arrived at the Trailer Village RV park at 12:00 noon and checked into a nice pull through long 50' site with full hook ups. Got all systems set up; sewer, water, electric, tv, chairs, barbecue, etc. Steve and Helen arrived around 1:30 pm. We drove to the Visitor Center and the main lodge area to take a look down from the rim. It was a beautiful site as always. We attended an interesting ranger lecture about geology and then another lecture at the Condor observation site the near Kolb Art Gallery. Walking the rim at this high nearly 7000' altitude caused us some shortness of breath especially Helen who is having unknown respiratory problems right now even at sea level. I barbecued huge 2" thick Iowa Farms pork chops with green peas for dinner. They really went well with the Cabernet Sauvignon Robert Mondavi wine. The food is not good in the Lodges so we plan on preparing our own meals at the trailer. Just before dark I visited the Astronomy Party (the reason I came to the Grand Canyon on this trip) near the park visitor center. It was a beautiful clear dark evening, no wind, and in the high 60's. There seemed like 200 scopes set up for public viewing. I met fellow astronomers, photogphraphers, and friends; Roy Ang, Bill Loquist, and several San Diego Astronomy Club members. Stayed about 2 hours and returned to the trailer.


06/22/11 day 2 Steve and I left for the Canyon Rim for sunrise photography at 6:00 am. The lighting was great. We had breakfast at the El Tovar lodge enjoying a nice view of the canyon while dining. We hiked a short distance perhaps 2 miles on the rim trail before it got too hot. The highs were in mid 90's and the lows at night in the mid 50's. We went back to the trailer and hung out lounging in my comfortable camp recliner chairs. I made Costco rack of lamb, peas, and corn for dinner. The barbecued lamb was to die for. Watched TV a couple of hours and retired.


06/23/11 day 3 Steve and Helen left me this morning to stay in Sedona AZ a few nights before returning to San Diego. They have both been long time friends and I really enjoyed their brief stay with me. I spent the morning cleaning the trailer and setting up my computer; doing diary and processing photos. At night I attended the star party and set up my Astrotract for some wide field imaging. Conditions were a bit breezy, but I took about 20 frames of the Milkyway area using my Canon 7D and a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens. Retired to bed around 11:00 pm.


06/24/11 day 4 Got up at 5:30 am and met astronomy friends over at Mather Campground for our photo trip to Antelope Canyon. This famous canyon is located 149 miles from the South Rim near Page Arizona. I rode with Roy Morrow an astronomer from Knoxville TN. He was a very interesting man who had a PHD in Chemical Engineering and had lots of interesting stories and life accounts to share with me. Roy Ang also drove with Doug Hansen both photographers and astronomers from San Diego CA. The 3rd vehicle housed Bill Loquist an astronomer from Phoenix AZ and also a past acquaintance/partner of mine on a Colorado River rafting trip in 2009. It took us 3 hours to reach the canyon owned by an Indian tribe. The cost to get in was $26. It was a soft sandstone slot canyon dry drainage perhaps 100' at its deepest. The ambient temperature was in the high 90's but it was relatively cool in the slot. There were beautiful formations and colors in the canyon. Our tickets were good for 2 hours. The canyon was full of photographers from all over the world. There were metal stairs in some areas to help people negotiate through. There is an upper and a lower area with separate fees. We did the lower one apparently the best one according members in the group who had been to both. I became very fatigued after 1.5 hours mostly from the heat and blowing sand, so returned sooner than the rest of the group. I enjoyed the trip but would endeavor to arrive earlier next time to beat the heat, crowds, and of course the sun would be at lower more provocative angle. We then had lunch at Subway and headed back to the South Rim. We stopped in Cameron the famous Navaho trading post for a break on the way back. I swear that the cost of Navaho rugs increase 20% every time I revisit this fun trading post. Linda would be horrified if I bought one. We got back in 3 hours around 4:30 pm. I was dog tired from long day and the heat so went to bed at 8:00 am skipping astronomy this night.


06/25/11 day 5 Got up at 5:10 am and drove to the canyon rim at Mather Point. The sun was just rising as I got out to the rim with my tripod and camera. I photographed for about 1.5 hours and returned to Trailer Village and cooked myself a huge breakfast; multi-grain toast with butter and jam, baby browned left over fried potatoes, eggs over easy, and coffee with cinnamon Yum Yum. Spent the day working on photos and getting the trailer cleaned up and ready for travel. At 7:30 am I took the canyon bus out to Hoppi Point to photograph the sunset at 8:35 pm. It was beautiful and I got lots of good shots. I then went to the star party and visited with Jose & Bill. The highlight was seeing the Super Nova in the M51 spiral galaxies.


06/26/11 day 6 Got up again at 5:10 am and drove 340 miles to Grants NM. I passed the road to Chaco Canyon where Linda and I visited several years ago. I checked into the S - Bar RV Park. It had full amenities with great wifi and the entire cost was only $17 per night. I left the truck hooked up. Was dead tired and ate cereal and popcorn for dinner. After a shower and hour rest I felt better and got on the internet BBO to play a bridge game with Marvin. We won our section. It is amazing how well skype communication worked for us, better than at home.


06/27/11 day 7 Got on the road around 6:00 am headed to Amarillo Texas. Had breakfast at 7:30 am in Albuquerque at the Cracker Barrell Restaurant yum yum. Drove 365 miles taking 8 hours to reach the Fort Amarillo RV Park a very nice park with excellent wifi. I was very tired and did not unhook and ate in the trailer. The Texas roads and rest stops are way better than New Mexico. All that oil money I guess. It rained hard in the evening along with strong winds. My outside door matt blew away. This was the first rain since January 9th this year and was welcomed by the locals which greatly reduced the wild fire threat.


06/28/11 day 8 Got on the road at 8:00 am and arrived in Oklahoma City around 4 pm. I stopped at Walmart to do some shopping before parking the 5th wheel. Spent the evening playing on BBO with Marvin, writing my diary, and conversing with my neighbor about travel and politics.


06/29/11 day 9 It rained again last night but stopped just before I got up at 5:45 am. Ate cereal with fresh blue berries and bananas for breakfast. Got on the road at 7:00 am and arrive in Russellville, AK at 1:00 pm. It was so nice to see green forest beginning in eastern Oklahoma and continuing on into Arkansas. I spent the rest of day playing bridge on BBO with Marvin and surfing the web. It was in the high 90's with perhaps 80% relative humidity. My air conditioner would only reduce the interior trailer temperature to 80 F.


06/30/11 day 10 Drove about 200 miles to Memphis, TN today. I stayed at the Tom Sawyer RV Park located in West Memphis, AR on the Mississippi River. The park was totally flooded during the last high river run off about 2 months ago, so I had no wifi, but the park and view right on the huge river was very enlightening. Huge barges continually passed by. I drove down town at mid afternoon and visited the famous Beale Street where the TV show Memphis Beat takes place. I could not find the ally for the George's Rondeavu restaurant so I went to an upscale one called the Flight Restaurant. The food, service, and wine was outstanding. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Memphis. Went to bed really early 8:00pm after dinner. Got up a 5:00 am to see the beautiful sunrise over the river.


07/1/11 day 12 Drove 220 miles to Nashville and checked into the Two River's RV Park. Got set up in the heat and helped a fellow trailer owner diagnose his tire alignment problems have 2 glasses of wine will giving the advise. The Resort sold me a ticket for the Grand Old Opry for about $48. Before leaving for the Opry I visited Camping World right next door to do some necessary shopping of RV products. Left for the Opry at 6:30 pm a short 10 minute drive away. I really enjoyed the talented performers at the show. Here is list of performers I liked the best; Mike Snider, Jimmy C. Newman, the JaneDear girls, Jimmy Dickens ( a great comedian and singer very old but good) Jesse McReynolds, The Isaacs (a great family group), Bill Anderson, Connie Smith, The Whites, Ricky Skaggs (a great blue grass performer), Marty Stuart, Darius Rucker ( a black R & B singer who the young girls went crazy over???) The talent is so outstanding at these performances. My second attendance and I loved them both.


07/2/11 day 13 I got up at 7:00 am had breakfast and drove to Camping World to purchase a dc florescent fixture for the trailer. The cost was $60. I drove 250 miles east to Baileyton, TN RV park. A nice scenic park surrounded by small mountains similar to the Smoky Mountains . Tried to play on BBO with Marvin, but the wifi cut me off twice and I gave up. Watched TV and updated my diary on my computer. Went to bed at 8:00 pm.


07/3/11 day 14 I could not sleep, so I got up at 5:15 am and worked on my computer using the internet for almost 3 hours. Had toast and coffee for breakfast and got on the road at 8:45 am. The roads in Tennessee are generally good, but are mostly lined with trees planted by man many years ago which I don't like because it gives one very little observation of the country side. Tennessee has to be the longest state I have ever traveled through as it goes on and on. California going north south may be as long. As I got further east mountain ranges began to appear such as the Blue Ridge range part of the Appalachian range appeared smoky and beautiful. I finally got into Virginia a beautiful green wooded state with rolling hills. They have the cleanest most modern rest rooms at their rest stops I have ever encountered. Probably indirectly financed by federal taxes. I drove 320 miles to a Harrisonburg KOA located in farm country about 12 miles off the freeway. I got the last spot which I had fortunately reserved a month back. It was a pretty camp ground but ill equipped; non working wifi, poor power - down to 97 volts, no TV, and AT&T cell phones would not work. I am unconnected out here eeeek. Virginia farms seem to be owned by very poor people with ill maintained properties. Apparently the state relies on tourism and Obama political stimulus money. It is pretty however with lots of historical buildings. I am going to visit Monticello Thomas Jefferson's home tomorrow which is only 30 miles from here.


07/4/11 day 15 I was so groggy this morning and slept until 8:30 am. Had coffee and multi grain toast for breakfast. Replaced another florescent thin-lite fixture in the living room. I need to buy one more for the bedroom as the trailer is beginning to show its age. I also must fix hinges on the bedroom door today as they are ready to fall off. The rode vibration and bumps loosen everything up and one must be very vigilant to keep things tight and attached. The shower must also be caulked as cracks are now open. Need to buy some clear caulk at Camping World. I drove about 70 miles to Charlotville the home of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. I had lunch first at the famous tavern at the bottom of the hill. Then I did the general 1.5 hour tour through the house and the grounds. It cost $22. The house is almost in original condition and it was great to see and photograph it. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside as there are several original art pieces in the house. Got back to the trailer around 5:30 pm. I will sure be glad to be in D.C. tomorrow where I will be able to stay for 10 days without driving. My butt is getting incredibly sore and stiff from sitting 6-8 hours per day.


07/5/11 day 16 Got on the road around 10:00 am drove 130 miles to College Park, Maryland a suburb of Washington DC. The traffic was bad the last 25 miles. I checked into the Cherry Hill RV park where I will stay for 11 days. The park is really nice considering that it is in a big city. It has a pool with life guards, Jacuzzis hot tubs, sauna rooms, and a cafe restaurant with reasonably decent food. The city bus comes in and 4 Gray line tours provide transportation from here. They have tour and city Metro orientation meetings to help out new arrivals every day. The sites are level asphalt with grass, trees, and full hook ups. It is extremely humid here and air conditioning in the trailer is required 66% of the time.


07/6/11 day 17 I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning up my trailer. I even vacuumed the floors and washed the toilet and sink. The took until noon at witch time I went the Verizon store and bought the MiFi 4510L 4G LTE Mobil Hotspot for internet. It is screaming fast 6-12 megabit speed when 4g tower signal is available. No more struggling with the RV Park overloaded wifi systems. 5 wifi devices can be on it at once. I discussed at length with Tom Pautler who highly advised that I get it. He has the same thing on a Droid cell phone. Because Verizon does not work at home I elected to not get a Droid cell phone. The bad is that the device cost $269 plus a one time $35 activation fee. The monthly charge is $50/month but it can be cancelled and restarted without activation fees at anytime. It works mostly all over the US on 3G network and many places on 4G super high speed network with areas coming on line all the time. I spent 4 or 5 hours using Skype and playing on the BBO today all on the 4G network. What an awsome upgrade to my on the road networking.


07/7/11 day 18 I did a Gray Line tour called DC in a day the bus leaving at 7:00 am from the RV Park. The bus took about an hour to get to Union Station where we switched buses. First stop was the Capitol building where we took a tour. The building and the artwork in the building was awesome. Drove by the White House and then stopped at WW II war memorial. Then headed to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I got dropped off at the main US Post Office food court for lunch. The food here was excellent and inexpensive. I then walked in the 90 F and 90% humidity about 1.5 blocks to the Smithsonian touring it for about 1.5 hours. I was dead tired now from walking and the heat. I waited for the bus at one of the entrances but apparently the wrong one as it never showed up. I talked another Gray Line tour bus into taking me back to Union Station where I was able to get back on the correct bust to take me home. I missed about 2 hours of the tour but the cool Union Station along with Star Bucks coffee Frappuccino made everything seem OK again.


07/8/11 day 19 Stayed home all day recovering from yesterday's grueling heat and humidity. Returned an unnecessary cable to Verizon and tried to get my internet account established so I can track my data usage on the MiFi device. Verizon would not give me the password I needed and insisted I needed to wait for it to be delivered via snail mail. I will probably not use it in Canada as data roaming charges are exorbitant in Canada. My Photo meet up safari at night with professional was cancelled because of thunder storms, which was very disappointing.


07/9/11 day 20 I spent most of the day in the trailer practicing bidding on the BBO with my new Toronto Nationals partner Ben Yang from Jersey. I also played two fast pair games with Marvin French on the BBO. Used my cell phone a lot talking to Ben, my sisters, and other friends.


07/10/11 day 21 I jumped onto the Gray Line Mt. Vernon/Arlington Cemetery Tour at 7:00 am leaving from the Cherry Hill RV Park. Had a great time as I met 5 friendly people and stayed with them the majority of the tour. All the Gray line tours originate at Union Station in down town DC. The first stop was Old Town Alexandria the location of Christ Church which George Washington and Robert E. Lee attended. The southern style homes were very charming and beautiful. The south wanted this location to be the capital but DC was finally selected as it was dead center between north and south at this time in history. Next we continued on to Mt. Vernon the home or plantation of George Washington. This place was really classy with beautiful buildings, artwork, country side wooded surrounding right on the Potamac River, way more classy than Monticello. George was not poor but he married the richest widow in the area which helped him improve is mansion and support is political career. I really enjoyed touring his mansion which included some farm animals including; some beautiful well groomed Shire horses and a handsome really large mule named Mollie. His mansion saved by a women's group many years ago is in my opinion the most worth while thing to see in the Washington DC area.

Next we visited the Arlington Memorial Cemetery and watched the impressive change of the guard for the unknown soldier. I photographed it from every angle. What an impressive ceremony in continuous use since the memorial was built. I did not know that this property used to be owned by the Robert E. Lee family. It was made a cemetery near the end of the civil war, party because they needed land for it and partly to punish Lee for fighting the south rather than the north.

Next we visited following memorials; Iwo Jima, Lincoln, Vietnam, and the Korean war memorials. Managed to find the bus after each stop and got back to Cherry Hill RV Park at 6:30 pm.


07/11/11 day 22 Did another Gray Line tour to the Gettysburg Battle field today. Bus was late at Cherry Park because of equipment switching. Arrived at Union Station in time to buy ticket and get on the bus, even finding time to get coffee and bagel from Starbucks. It was a pleasant drive out of DC toward Pennsylvania as the weather was cool and no traffic because it was Sunday. We had a small group on bus perhaps 18. Our first stop in Gettysburg was the Diorama an impressive miniature replication of the battlefield including soldiers artillery etc. We were given a narrated history of the battle with nice lighting highlighting the location of each battle. We then went to the battlefield in the bus stopping at various vantage points. An excellent guide joined us giving us in depth descriptions of the battle and the strategy employed by the two leading generals Lee and Meade. The semi wooded rolling hills area was very pretty but one would not expect that an epic battle had taken place here with all the monuments that were installed by the various brigades after the war. Some of the monuments were very impressive as were the many original canons lining the ridge lines of the battle. After listening to the details of the battle I do not understand what General Lee was thinking when he ordered Pickett's charge !!! As our guide said Napoleon had Waterloo and Lee had Gettysburg. This really was the defining battle of the war determining the outcome. Had the South secured the two round top hills before the North (only a matter of minutes) the history of the world would have changed big time. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about this hallowed ground and battle.

Next we visited the home of George Washington Shriver. A middle class family lived here and we saw how they lived then and what impact this battle had on them.

The ride home to DC was gruesome because the AC on the big Prevost bus went out and it was 100+ degrees out side. I was really wiped out by the time we got back to Union Station in DC at 6:30 am. I had some great mussels and a glass of Chardonnay wine in the cool heavenly air conditioned space of Union Station's best restaurant.

I was finally forced to take the Metro subway system home as the Gray Line bus did not offer transportation back to Cherry Hill RV resort. It turned out to be a pleasant ride with little difficulty. I can now see that using DC public transportation is not a bad way to go. I believe I will survive this trip without driving my truck down town.


07/12/11 day 23 Recouping from the heat on the tour yesterday holing up most of the day in my working air conditioned 5th wheel trailer. Left at 5:40 pm to take night Gray Line tour of the sites in DC. Took my tripod along for timed exposures. Tour started out good with the best guide so far, named Big Ale a real comedian. This is a very popular tour which filled two Prevost busses on this night. Unfortunately in the middle of the tour Big Ale could not restart the bus and we had to wait an hour to get a replacement. Finally we got installed on another bus and all went well the rest of the night. Finally got home at 11:30 pm 1.5 hours off of schedule.


07/13/11 day 24 Got on the Metro at 8:00 am to meet my Photo Safari professional at the Renwick Gallery in DC. I had to use the Metro system to get down town. Got on the Metro bus to the Metro subway station OK. I had purchased an all day pass for the Metro the day before from Cherry Hill RV Park, but to my dismay I found out that the pass is only good on the day sold contrary to what the retail salesman said. Some nice people from Orange County California showed me how to purchase a Metro pass using the automated machines and paying by credit card. I do not know if I could have figured it out without this women's help, what cluster when using the first time. Once you use it, it does become intuitive, but that first time!!! Wow! The first time I used the Metro I was not aware that you had to use the pass to exit also. I had trouble walked sideways right through the turn stile and was immediately accosted by a black metro women official who lectured me for 5 minutes stating that I could be arrested for this action! If you loose your pass your have to pay again to get out of the Metro System and if you have no money you may be stuck in there for life!!! At any rate, on this day I made it town town OK changing trains once and getting there 40 minutes early.

I relaxed and had some great coffee and pastries at a local coffee house 1/2 block from Renwick Gallery. David Luria the owner of Photo Safari was a very engaging and knowledgeable photographer. I enjoyed his lectures and his excellent knowledge of the history of the city. It was fun being with other photographers. Only 4 of us stayed for the full day tour. Two of them were professional photographers at the Treasury Department. The other one was an amateur like me from Colorado, a mother, voice teacher, singer, dancer, and actress a quite engaging person who kept us all entertained. I enjoyed the tour a lot and was happy I booked it. The Metro trip home was uneventful but somewhat scary during rush hour because of all the people and sometimes not seats.


07/14/11 day 25 Doing some laundry and preparation for travel today. Seeing Washington DC has been and interesting experience well worth the time it took. I will endeavor to visit it again someday hopefully with Linda. I had dinner tonight at a fun restaurant called the "Hard Time Cafe" They specialized in 4 kinds of chili and various grilled meat and fish. I sat at the bar conversing with local worker bees. I had slider hamburgers with Santa Fe chili on them which was super good and that spicy chili was to die for with some local stout draft beer. The best meal I had in the DC area.


07/15/11 day 26 I got up early and tried to set up "My Verizon" account on the web for my new MiFi 4g device but even after calling them, could not get the account set up because my password send to home would not work. Verizon is just a screwed up as AT&T when it comes to costumer service. I did talk to rep who convinced me not to use data on my phone or the MiFi as it could potention cost me $2000 if I used 2GB of data!! This convinced me to disable all data on my phone & MiFi. I should be able to find some free local wifi to use in Toronto.

Finally got on the road north to Meadville, PN at 8:30 am. The drive trough Maryland was beautiful. What a pretty state. I would like to spend more time here visiting more battle fields and Baltimore. Stayed at an KOA campground which was very picturesque, wooded, having some small lakes. I was however very tired from the 330 mile drive and retired early.


07/16/11 day 27 Got on the road around 8:00 am and drove seemingly longer than 255 miles to Toronto. Pennsylvania is also a pretty state and full of expensive toll roads. It cost me about $30 in tolls to get through this state. The road seemed to follow high ridges with nice views of long green semi wooded valleys. The Erie city area was very pretty. After passing Buffalo I could occasionally see the great Lake Erie. As I progressed there were lots of scenic wine vineyards. Going into Canada was relatively easy; a short wait in line, only a few questions, and request to view my passport. Drove 140 miles into Toronto past the Niagara Falls area but could not see the falls. I was disappointed that it was so far (120 miles from Toronto) as I want to visit it from Toronto. The drive through Toronto to the east side where my Glen Rouge campground was located was very nerve racking. Even on Saturday the traffic was heavy with 3 to 5 lanes and each freeway had an 3-5 express lanes and another 3-5 local lanes which you had to get on to exit the freeway. Exit spots were not obvious and it was very easy to exit too early which I fortunately only did once on the last exit, but my gps found an alternate route to take. The campground is very pretty wooded, with grass sites, and on a small river. There is two negatives however; no sewer and no wifi. I got set up and talked an hour with a neighbor from Ontario Canada just north of Detroit. I drove to a steak house called "The Keg" for dinner recommended by the local. I had to send my food back because it was cold and the steak was over cooked. It was a $35 fillet so I whined and they deducted the total cost of my dinner and I only had to pay for two glasses of wine. I was later told by another local camper that this restaurant is the Mc Donald's of steak house; fair but not good. Anyway it is chained on my list of places to be avoided.


07/17/11 day 28 Got up l late about 9:00 am, showered and talked with my Canadian financial planner next door neighbor for a 1/2 hour learning as best I could about details of the area. I went out to Tim White a coffee house equivalent to the US Starbucks. Unfortunately they did not have wifi, but told me that Mc Donald's next door did. I stopped in afterward and tried it. It was the fastest wifi I ever had on the iphone, faster even than my home system. I will be bringing my laptop back here to do email and web uploads, but yuk I will have to eat some of their food. Next using my GPS I found the Scarborough Metro station about 5 miles from my campground. It has a Go Train which goes downtown nonstop for 35 minutes to Union Station only 1.5 blocks from the NABC Fairmont Royal York Hotel site. With my senior discount I got a 10 pass ticket for only $26. The Metro is highly advised because of heavy traffic and a shortage of expensive parking in the down town area.

I returned to my trailer and spent the afternoon on my diary and watching the Womens Cup world soccer match on TV between Japan and the US.


07/18/11 day 29 Worked on my photos until noon and then drove to the local Metro/train station called Rouge Hill. Got on the Go Train around 1:00 pm and got off 35 minutes later at Toronto's Union Station. The train did make about 4 stops but was very comfortable and quite. The cars had 3 decks, so some nice views of Lake Ontario on the way. Union Station was very busy and not nearly as classy as Washington DC's Union Station. I found out that you need to stamp your ticket in a timer before boarding. I did not do this the first time, but I was not checked this time on board for a proper ticket. I was told that the fine if checked is up to $200!!! Needless to say I made sure I stamped my pass ticket before boarding the train from here on out. The Fairmount Royal York hotel was right across the street from Union Station and could be accessed via under ground tunnel system. This hotel is same chain as the one at the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta Canada one of the prettiest hotels in the world. This hotel is also nice with several high end restaurants. I walked around the hotel a bit to get familiar with the layout. Checked out the daily tours to Niagara Falls which cost about $149 senior rate leaving at 9:00 am. I was hungary and needed some exercise, so I decided to walk to China Town which supposedly was only 20 minutes away. It took me 45 minutes and the heat and humidity at 37 degrees centigrade or 98 F with 85% humidity was gruesome. Finally made it to a China Town similar to the LA one in the US. Could not find the recommended Lee Gardens so I opted for a noodle house which was excellent except no beer or wine was served. After being revived with sustenance I walked back to Union Station only taking about 30 minutes this time. I was in the rush hour now and the Train station was very busy. Almost took the wrong train but a nice woman warned me that this train did not stop at Rouge Hill even though it was going east. Got on the correct train and arrived home about 6:00 pm stopping for a cold coffee Frappuccino on the way. I was so tired and hit my bed at 8:00 pm after watching Jeopardy on the CBC "Canadian Broadcasting Company".


07/19/11 day 30 Got up early, had breakfast and worked on my diary and web site a bit. At noon I went to Mc Donald's to upload my web site data and down load my email. I stayed there about 1.5 hours using their wifi. They have the fastest wifi I have ever used anywhere. Uploading web page with 25 photos took only about 20 seconds. They must have Verizon Fios or something equivalent. The only problem is; that I hate Mc Donald's food although their coffee has improved.


07/20/11 day 31 I delivered John Adams wide track chair to him at his playing site using the Go Train. After talking with them a bit I went the Fairmont Royal York hotel Epic bar restaurant and had lunch. I ordered a seafood bisque soup and a smoked salmon watercress salad with Chardonnay wine. The Bisque and the salad was to die for. They grow their greens on the top floor of the hotel.


07/21/11 day 32 It was a horrible hot humid day 37 degrees celceous so I stayed holed up in the trailer with AC running full bore all day, except for a quick tripe to Tim Horton's for lunch. I took the Go Train down town to have dinner with John Adams and John Lodias for dinner at the Fairmont Royal York Epic restaurant. They had a 3 course special for $45. A wonderful grilled asparagus salad, Chateau Brian steak with wine sauce, french layered potato slices, and Sabayoni with fresh sweet fruit for desert. We were all impress with quality of food at this restaurant.


07/22/11 day 33 Played in the Bruce Life Masters Pairs with Marvin. We did not play well and did not qualify. Between sessions we ate at Marche' a really excellent gourmet buffet type offering. A magnetic card was given to you and then it was used to record all food which you ordered at the various stations. I had sushi, wine, and a fresh pineapple tart with a French custard glaze sauce.


07/23/11 day 34 Played in a regionally rated pairs game with Marvin. Again we played lousy and the Skeleton system also hurt us on several boards. We ate again at Marche' for dinner. I had Paella, wine, and pecan tart which was all quite good. I don't like staying so far from playing site, as using the Go train took perhaps an extra two per day.


07/24/11 day 35 Played a AX flighted team game with Marvin, John Adams, and John Lodias. There many very good teams entered in the event warming up for the Spingold. We did horrible only winning 1.5 out of 8 matches. Did have a nice dinner at the Epic restaurant in the Fairmont with the two Johns. Made the last Go Train home at 12:13 am.


07/25/11 day 36 I was exhausted and slept until 12:00 pm today. I took my 8th shower on this sewer cycle and also washed dishes. My conservation of water has paid off but now I must hook the trailer up to the truck and drive to the dump area in the park to empty my tanks. The local roof TV antenna got damaged by a tree. I bent it back into place, but it will have to be replaced, as it will not go up any more. Cleaned up the trailer and got my satellite TV system working fine even though I am in Canada. Apparently 35 miles north of the border is no problem with viewing the satellites. Had lunch at Tim Horton coffee and pastry shop. This place has excellent sandwiches, pastries, and coffee at a very reasonable price.


07/26/11 day 37 I left at 9:00 am from the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on a tour to Niagara Falls. The tour company was called "Toronto Tours" and it cost about $170 after taxes and Canadian money exchange. It took about 1.5 hours to drive the 96 miles. A road right along the river allows you to see all three falls from the bus. The area near the falls is actually a Canadian park and is really well maintained keeping all obnoxious commercial ventures out. The visitor center is an amazing well designedd modern structure with several theaters, shops, and rest rooms. A huge side walk lines the falls for a least a mile which has exquisite views all along of the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls , the rapids upstream, Goat Island, the bay below the falls, and is lined with beautiful pampered flower gardens on the land side and random local flowers on the water side. From my point of view the Canadian side has a far superior view compared to the American. I highly recommend anyone visiting the Niagara Falls to do it on the Canadian side. After 1-1/4 hour of viewing the falls we had a tour provided buffet at a restaurant which had a view of the falls. Food was just OK. Next we were dropped off near the "Maid of the Mist" tour provided boat ride which took you right up close to both falls. Rain jackets were provided which I only used for protecting my camera. The mist was heavy at times but you were not going to get totally drenched and the cool mist felt great on the 90 F + day. This event was 1/2 hour on the river and another 1/2 hour walking to and from. Next we got back on the bus and were driven through the local town (forgot name) which was highly commercial with theme parks, rides, souvenirs, etc., but yet was modern and clean. The biggest building in the town was an Indian Casino run by the Canadian government. The bus took further down stream on the river to view the class 6 whirl stream rapid and dam. As you may know the Niagara River runs between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and is approximately 26 miles long. Unfortunately no rafting is allowed on this river upstream or down stream of the falls. Next we stopped a beautiful quaint little town called Niagara a must see part of the trip. The town is the home of the Shaw Festival every year and it is loaded with french gourmet shops and restaurants. I stopped at the "Cow" ice cream shop for a chocolate coated sugar cone with local John Cherry ice cream which was to die for on this warm summer day. Bought some fudge also but later ended up loosing 1/2 of it in the bus. Next we drove to winery which ran a school started by Prince Henry from England. Got some free taste and I decided to buy a red Ice Wine and a Merlot both very excellent I thought. Got back on the freeway and arrived back at hotel at 7:30 pm. The fun tour took 10.5 hours.

My friends Marvin and Alice were waiting for me to join them for Alice's birthday dinner. We went to a cafe named Casey's across the street and had a great time, spending about 2 hours for dinner. We started with a huge plate of curly potato chip like fries which is the reason Alice picked this restaurant. We all had barbecued pork ribs and then split a decadent chocolate cake for dessert. I gave Alice the Canadian Merlot for her birthday. Got on the Go Train at 10:00 pm and got home around 11:pm. It was a long day but a fun one.


07/27/11 day 38 I slept until noon and spent the day watching TV and reviewing my Niagara Falls photos.


07/28/11 day 39 I played in a 2 day qualifying National Fast Pairs event with Ben Yang a guy who responded to my partnership add. We played several games before hand on the BBO. We played a modified Polish Big Club System. I enjoyed the new system, but it had lots of holes in it and we got nailed a couple of times with our weak NT misunderstanding of two suited run out bids. The event was actually quite stressful because 30% of the field should not have been in the fast pairs and we were constantly being threaten with a slow play penalty, even though most of the time we were not the culprits. Ben was relatively slow and did get penalized twice. I found out that even though Ben had 800 points he was not a life master and had got most of his points on the BBO. My worst tournament ever is still holding up as we did not qualify. I would however enjoy playing this event again with a speedier and more talented partner. I reluctantly let Ben talk me into a knockout for the next day.


07/29/11 day 40 Ben selected a husband and wife team from Denver Colorado for our knockout partners. Together we all had about 10,000 points and we received an excellent draw. We should have beat this team easily but as fate would have it, the husband of our team could not make a contract and Ben could not defend or bid properly so lost. They wanted to play a Swiss Team next, but I decided that I would give up on this tournament and go home. I went to an "all you can eat sushi house" which was $23 per person. You actually ordered individual items which was made fresh each time and and it was very good.


07/30/11 day 41 Slept until 11:00 am but kept thinking about all those bridge debacles I had suffered the previous 2 days. Had breakfast at Kathryn's. I decided it was time to get out of Canada on 7/31/11 instead of 8/1/11 and got a $95 refund for 2 days from the park (it should have been 1 day , but park lady insisted it was 2 days and I did not protest). I spent the day watching TV , diary update, and photo processing.


07/31/11 day 42 Got on the road at 7:00 am leaving for Lansing, Michigan in the good old USA. The first 175 miles was west on Canadian hwy 401/402. The country was a combination of green rolling hills with farms and mixed wooded forest land. The road was very smooth and excellent, much better than most US roads right now. Unfortunately I was forced to buy another tank of diesel fuel in Canada at a price of $5.40 per gallon. I eventually head south across a $9 tool bridge across the board near Bayview US. I took waiting in line on the bridge about 35 minutes. I had no trouble after presenting my passport at the border. I drove another 150 miles into Lansing Michigan the home of Magic Johnson. Stayed at a nice RV Park called the Cottonwoods. It was near full and nicely wooded on a small little lake popular for fishing. Unfortunately no sewer again, but my MiFI and iphone worked good. It was nice to be on the grid again. Had patty melt hamburger and a Guiness draft beer for dinner at a popular beer bar & grill called Leo's. There were lots of postal workers having a beer after work in here even on Sunday as they all worked at a major sorting and distribution center which operated around the clock. I struck up several conversations about University of Michigan sports, Magic Johnson, and of course they all wanted to talk about autos and Nascar racing. All TV's had a Nascar auto race tuned in. Retired to be early as I was tired from the long drive.


08/1/11 day 43 Spent the day resting and surfing the web on the computer. Ate again at Leo's but made the mistake of ordering fish which was not good.


08/2/11 day 44 Had trouble hitching up the trailer as the we wet ground did not support the jacks totally and they sunk in a bit so I could not get the truck hitch under the trailer. I considered removing my back tool box but finally solved the problem by digging a 3" deep trench for the back of the truck wheels to drop into. Finally got on the road by 8:30 am. All went well until getting into Indiana where I had a tire blow out on the 5th wheel trailer. I was able to limp into a town which had a Discount Tire where I purchased a new Carlisle LRE BW st235/80/16 EQ trailer tire for $146 out the door. A fair amount of damage was done by the old tire blow out; brake wiring for this wheel was severed & underside of pull slide lost all protective covering and insulation . I was still able to travel in spite of these problems. It was a very hot humid day. Finally arrived in south east Chicago and started the gruesome long drive through the city traffic through the circle area, past O'Hare Field and on towards Rockford, IL to the east. The traffic was on and off stop and go with drivers weaving in and out of lanes constantly making it even more unpleasant. I finally got to my sister's house in Belvidere at 5:30 pm. She had a great fillet Mignon steak dinner with fresh to die for sweet corn waiting for us all. Had a glass of wine, relaxed, and really enjoyed dinner with Charlene and Mike.


08/3/11 day 45 Charlene made some good French Toast for breakfast. I spent the morning washing my laundry at Charlene's. Also spent time paying bills using the web and catching up on my email. Charlene drove me to her son's house Justin Babcock in Mt. Vernon near Madison. We met Krystal his wife and the two kids. I took lots of photographs of the kids especially the boy who was very charming. They had extensive toys and the tree house that Justin made for them was amazing. Justin arrived from work around noon and we went to visit one of his job sites he had worked on which was very impressive. He had built an awesome garage and an entertainment audio video room for a rich executive in the Madison area. Justin then went back to work and I took Charlene, Krystal, and the kids to TGF for lunch.

After returning to Charlene's house, I discovered that I had another flat tire. I checked it closer and found that the tire had cracks and a nail in the side wall. Mike helped me remove the tire. We took it to Discount Tire but, they did not have a tire that size. Called around and found one at "Tires Plus". It cost $30 more than the same tire the day before at "Discount Tire". A bummer but having it in inventory is everything when one needs it now.

Charlene made stuffed bell peppers for dinner. They were from their garden and were very good. We then went to an outdoor concert in Rockford after dinner. The group was very talented playing in a beautiful city park setting. I enjoyed the unusual group quite a bit.


08/4/11 day 46 Got up early and we left at 8:00 am for Chicago's Navy Pier to do an Architectural Boat Tour on the Chicago River. The traffic into Chicago was lethal and Mike's tail gating type driving was very stressful to me and Charlene. If I ever go again to Chicago to a museum or other activity I will offer to pay for the bus rides to all, to avoid this drive. The tour was great with good lighting, comfortable relatively cool seating in the boat . Our guide was fantastic and performed like a professional actor. I highly recommend this very informative tour about Chicago's buildings and history. After the Chicago fire it was made illegal to build any buildings out of wood, hence many poor people who could not afford brick - stone materials to rebuild had to leave Chicago. After the tour we walked the Navy Pier which did not appeal to me as it was; congested, too commercial, and to carnival like to suit me. Found our car which was in a $10/hour parking lot and started fighting the traffic to leave the city. Mikes gps did not work well down town because it could not figure out the vertical multiple layers of streets in this area. Finally got out of town and stopped at Maggiano's one of my favorite Italian restaurants in this area to have a early dinner. The lasagna is to die for her. Finally made it back to Charlene's house and watched a bit of TV having some of Charlene's home made mound bars before retiring. It was nice visiting char and Mike again.


08/5/11 day 47 Got up late and installed the new tire on the trailer. I then prepared the trailer for travel. Charlene and I had lunch at a local family barbecue hut, having pulled pork sandwich and fresh corn again. yum yum I had no problems driving north about 2.5 hours to Duck Creek Camp ground in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. Joanne and David met me at the campground and we immediately drove off to Amish Country to get some hot glazed donuts before their bakery closed. This area is always picturesque and fun to visit. Joanne bought lots of organically grown vegetables. The horse carriages are so cool to watch. It is like being in the US 200 years prior. Came back to my camp site and finished setting up trailer. I drove to Joanne's house less than 6 miles away and had dinner prepared by Joanne. Hamburgers, fresh corn on the cob, and fresh sauteed beets from the Amish.


08/6/11 day 48 Met at Joanne and David's house at 8:00 pm. We drove to Madison to attend the Farmers Market on the State Capitol Square. This Farmers Market has the best selection of high quality fresh vegetables of any Farmer's Market I have ever attended. It is also a photographers dream. I purchased several bottles of hot salsa, beef jerky, and two good looking smoked summer sausages. We next visited the new University of Wisconsin South Student Center which was an unbelievable building having the best of every thing a student could possibly want to spend there time between classes. It had to be in the 300-500 million dollar area of cost. We were told that is was all financed by grants and a student charge added to their tuition.

I got back to trailer and rested up for my 50 year class reunion this evening. Arrived at 6:00 pm at the Owls Nest Supper Club for cocktail hour. Had a great time talking with my classmates and after an hour I actually did remember most of them. My class only graduated 37 students and we actually had 22 students attend. 8 had died so the percentage rate of attendants was amazing. My steak and shrimp dinner was not bad. All and all I enjoyed the reunion and was glad I attended.


08/7/11 day 49 Slept late and worked on my diary until 12:00 pm. I then drive about 1.5 miles to my mother's rest home in Wyocena. She was shocked to see me at first but did remember who I was. I spent about 2 hours with her. In the late afternoon I went to Joanne's house for dinner.


08/8/11 day 50 I got up early and visited mother for an hour at 7:00 am. I met Joanne and David at 8:00 am and we headed for the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee. I think this fair has the best food of any fair in the US. We had a cream puff immediately upon arrival. They are so good here and loaded high with Wisconsin whipped cream. We then spent about 1.5 hours touring the barker area where all the fancy gadgets, cook ware, and many innovative products are for sale. Joanne and I both purchase a light weight kart to carry our goodies that had purchased. We then toured crafts, flower, and photo competition areas. Their photo competition did not come close to the Delmar Fair, but their quilts, flowers, and culinary competitions were excellent and very high quantity. Next we went to a live entertainment outdoor theater to watch "The Kidds" a large group of song and dance kids age 12-20 years old. They were outstanding. It was about 4:00pm now and time to go home. We stopped at Pisanoes Pizza in Madison for dinner.


08/9/11 day 51 Charlene drove up from Illinois to visit mother at 10 am where I also met Charlene and mother. We transported mother around in her wheel chair for an hour to all parts of the very scenic rest home on the shores of Duck Creek. Joanne came at 11:00 pm and I took several photos of us three kids surrounded by mother on the wheel chair. Mother had a good day visiting us and quite cognitive and it good spirits this beautiful day in Wisconsin. Us three kids then went out side and took some portraits of ususing the creek, bridge, marsh land , and farm land as back drops. Got some good ones which I will print up in a Costco photo book. My two sisters and I then went to Lunch at Krista's a charming bakery and cafe in Portage. The food was excellent and we had a fun time socializing together.


08/10/11 day 52 Slept late this morning. Weather is cooling down and I was actually cold this morning the temperature was at 65 F. in the trailer. Was going out with Joanne for a hair cut, but received a call from her at the Emergency Room at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center. Her husband David had popped out his artificial hip this morning and needed it reinserted. What a bummer for haircut. I started getting the trailer ready for travel tomorrow. Drove to Portage for my haircut. The price was right as it was men's day and the price was $10 instead of $16. I then visited mother again for an hour. It was sad leaving her again as it could be the last time I see here alive at 97 years of age.

David got his hip re inserted OK, but it was a long painful process. I brought pizza to their house for dinner and then we watched the movie called "Hair Spray" which was entertaining, but not a movie I would watch a 2nd time.


08/11/11 day 53 Slept late again and got ready to travel. Drove north about an hour to the Baraboo Wisconsin Fox Hill RV Park. Got checked in and setup into a back in site adjacent to beautiful tall deciduous hard wood trees. The park was very pretty clean and well laid out. Joanne and Dave arrived shortly and started setting up their monster tent, which I measured to be 21' long. They put a queen size mattress in it which is sitting height and has a built in 120vac air pump to inflate it. The $600 tent is first class and is high enough to stand up in. Joanne and David wanted to attend an outdoor live blues concert in Baraboo, so I reluctantly joined them. The 4 piece group was from New Orleans and were actually quite talented. We brought our own chairs and purchased some great salads with blackened salmon and a bottle of wine from a local French style cafe. The mosquitoes were not to bad and I actually enjoyed the concert.


08/12/11 day 54 I cooked french style vegetable cheese omelets for breakfast. We relaxed a bit outside in the pleasant cool weather using our lounge chairs and visited with the Packer fan neighbors next door for a bit. I informed them that the packers will probably win every game except the one against the SD Chargers on Nov 8th. These fans even had an official easy up sun shade with Packer emblems on it. We then went shopping in Wisconsin Dells for Carr Valley Cheese and fudge. Bought a bunch of cheese and fudge and then Joanne insisted on visiting the Outlet Stores Center. I actually purchased some Crocs slip on shoes. Came home and relaxed some more in our lounge chairs at the camp ground. I grilled barbecued Costco fillet mignon steaks and marinated mushrooms, green bell pepper, and red bell pepper. We also had some very fresh sweet corn on the cob with lots of real Wisconsin butter. We all decided that the best restaurant in town could not produce a better meal than this one.


08/13/11 day 55 We all slept lousy last night probably because we ate dinner later than usual for us. We woke up to a steady rain this morning. I made buttermilk pancakes from a Cracker Barrel packaged mix, fresh blue berries, bacon, and cantaloupe for breakfast. We visited the Ringling Brothers, Barnum, Bailey Circus museum which was quite cool and worth seeing. Did some photography at the very scenic site on the Baraboo River. Returned to our camp site and I made a delicious shrimp, vegetable, pasta sauteed for dinner which went really with a great California Zinfadel wine. The rain had stopped and Joanne wanted a camp fire bad so we tried to get one going but the bargain hardwood Joanne had purchased would not start. My sister not willing to give up went to the office and purchased a small packet of dry kindling wood and she got a roaring white man's fire going in no time. We roasted marshmallow's and socialized until 10:00pm. It was great fun camping with my sister and her husband.


08/14/11 day 56 No rain last night and it was a beautiful sunny morning in the mid 60's. Got up at 7:30 am and cooked bacon, toast, and fried eggs for Joanne, David, and myself. Joanne washed the dishes and we all started packing up for our departure. I was on my way at 9:45 am and drove 300 miles on I80 to Jackson Minnesota. Checked into an excellent KOA camp ground with very good wifi, level sites, very clean, in a mixed forest farmland back drop. Spent the rest of day on the internet, telephone, and watching TV,


08/15/11 day 57 Slept until 8:00am had breakfast and got on the internet again because it worked so well and who knows if I will have any internet in the next town of Presho, South Dakota. Arrived at Presho a small town in the middle of no where surrounded by farm land hay and corn fields around 4 pm. Got checked in and to my surprise my phone and the MiFi worked good.


08/16/11 day 58 Got up at 7:00 am and headed west 120 miles to the town of Wall, South Dakota. Checked into a delightful RV Park called Sleepy Hollow which had clean large sites, grassy, full hook ups, 2 blocks from the famous Wall Drug Store, Cottonwood trees, and huge open space grassy areas. I arrived at 10:30 am, got hooked up and went to Wall drugs for free hot donut and a barbecued beef sandwich. Toured the huge store a bit, making a couple of purchases and returned to trailer. The Badlands NP was only 15 miles away, so I decided to tour it in the afternoon and then return at sunset for photography. It was a beautiful relatively cool day and I enjoyed the park a lot. I did some photography even with the bad high overhead lighting. It is a good thing I took photos as I was too tired to return for sunset. I spent 3 hours going through the park and could have spent a lot more time. This place is really scenic and would be awesome at sunrise or sunset, a highly recommended site for photographers. I returned about 5 pm and stopped at Wall Drug again for more shopping and food. I had a really good big cherry malt for only $3. Some things at Wall Drug were a bargain and others very expensive but most items were of high quality. Returned to trailer and crashed into better early around 6:00 pm and never made it back up for that sunset.


08/17/11 day 59 Arose at 6:00 am and went to Wall Drugs for breakfast. I decided to skip Devil's Tower as it was an extra 170 miles and I am sick of driving right now. I drove about 360 miles to Cheyenne Wyoming where I got one of the last spots at the AB Campground. The had a barbecue restaurant so I drive their beef brisket a mistake as it was so salty I could barely eat it and I like salt. Did a bit of computing and play a tournament on the BBO with Marvin before going to bed early.


08/18/11 day 60 Got on my way around 8:00 am driving west of course through Wyoming to Salt Lake Utah. It was a beautiful clear sunny day and the high country in Wyoming was very pleasing on mostly very good road conditions on highway 80. After a very long 450 miles I arrived quite exhausted and tired at the KOA in Salt Lake City. This is one of my favorite KOA's anywhere as it is large, very clean, lots of shade trees, green grass, restaurant, excellent clean facilities, quiet considering it is 5 blocks off the freeway, close to Mormon Square, and is on the Jordan River with lots of parks good for walking a dog or ones self.
I was dead tired and retired early.


08/19/11 day 61 Slept quite well last night and arose at 7:00 am and immediately got on the internet. I updated my itunes and iphone software using my Verizon MiFI which was on 4G speed available here in Salt Lake. That 4G speed sure makes traveling with the internet an awesome experience, which is actually faster than my home DSL system. I called Charlene and my phone still worked. Purchased from audible a 24 credit (books) and down loaded one book a biography of Ben Franklin for some final listening on my trip home. Updated my diary and played some ACBL fast pairs on the BBO with Marvin French.

Mollie and her new boy friend Jeff picked me up at 4:45 pm. We went out to dinner at the Green Onion in down town Salt Lake. The food was just outstanding. We had a delicious fresh trout salad and assorted marinated meat salad for our appetizer. I and Jeff had duck confit with swiss chard, barley, and a french cheese for our main course. The duck was to die for. Mollie had an Argentine rib eye steak which was also delicious. For dessert I had a almond butter cake with fresh strawberries yum yum. Mollie had chocolate cake and Jeff had some home made mint Caba ice cream. All was delicious including my Argentine Malbec wine and a great white desert wine from Washington State. I showed Mollie and Jeff my trailer after dinner and then shot some portrait photos of the happy romantic couple. They left for a party, I watched TV an hour and retired early.


08/20/11 day 62 Did not get off until 8:00 am, but had no trouble getting through Salt Lake as the traffic was light on this Saturday morning. Drove about 465 miles to Las Vegas and checked into the Sam's Club RV Park in Henderson. The temperature was an unbelievable 106 F. on my truck thermometer. The AC on the trailer did not get the temperature down to a civilized point until dark. I did some internet surfing using the MiFi with the 4g speed which was available in this area. I was too tired for any BBO or even to go out for dinner and crashed around 8:00 pm.


08/21/11 day 63 Got a nice 11 hour long sleep last night. I got up at 7:00 am and had breakfast at Sam's club coffee shop. Renee picked me up around 11:00 am and we drove to the Henderson Bridge Club for bridge. They had a potluck before the game which was quit good. Renee and I came in 2nd over all. I took Renee out to dinner at the Venetian Hotel B & B Restaurant. The first B stands for Mario Batali the chef on the FOOD network for several years. The 2nd B stands for Bastianich a famous pastry chef. The food was outstanding. We started with a rabbit goat cheese confit crepe salad which was outstanding and very unusual. I had a nice glass of Italian Chianti wine and Renee had a blood orange mint cocktail that was to die for. For the main course Renee had grilled wild salmon served on top of a cucumber based salad. I had a 2nd glass of Italian dry red wine similar to Cabernet Sauvignon. I had a spinach green fettucini pasta with char grilled sweet corn and fresh thinly sliced truffles. We has a wonderful chocolate cake torte and a really great strong cup of espresso for dessert. The service provided by three attendants was superb. I highly recommend this restaurant. It will cost minimum of $50 each without wine however. Was a great way to end my 2 month trip.


08/22/11 day 64 Got on my way for my last day of travel on this long summer trip. Looking forward to seeing Linda and getting back into a civilized climate. Arrived home around 4:00 pm. Said my hello's to Linda and started unloading, but am so tired so I will finish the task tomorrow. Its good to be home and my dog Meghan was happy to see me.

Last updated on August 24, 2011