Sea World 2011
Roger's photography shoot at San Diego Sea World 2011

3/5/11 I bought a yearly pass last year at Costco for $87 which includes entry, free parking, and 10% discounts on all things in the park for one year. Linda and I attended with Dewey Slough, and Virginia Hastings. We attended the Seal & Otter show which was excellent. We ate at Adams Steak and Eggs Restuarant after touring the park for 3 hours.


6/12/2011 Dewey Virginia, Linda, and I went to Seaworld in the morning today. It was a nice cool partly sunny day. At 11am we went to see the Shamu killer whale show. It was quite impressive. I brought my Canon 7d, 24-104 lens, and my 70-200mm lens along for some light photography. The hordes of tourist started rolling in now and it was too crowded to suite me. We decided to meet at the Indiego Grill in Little Italy for lunch. The food was delicious and we had agreat time.


Last updated on June 13, 2011