Salt Lake 2011
Roger's two night stay at Salt Lake Utah, August 18, 2011

08/18/11 day 60 Got on my way around 8:00 am driving west of course through Wyoming to Salt Lake Utah. It was a beautiful clear sunny day and the high country in Wyoming was very pleasing on mostly very good road conditions on highway 80. After a very long 450 miles I arrived quite exhausted and tired at the KOA in Salt Lake City. This is one of my favorite KOA's anywhere as it is large, very clean, lots of shade trees, green grass, restaurant, excellent clean facilities, quiet considering it is 5 blocks off the freeway, close to Mormon Square, and is on the Jordan River with lots of parks good for walking a dog or ones self.
I was dead tired and retired early.


08/19/11 day 61 Slept quite well last night and arose at 7:00 am and immediately got on the internet. I updated my itunes and iphone software using my Verizon MiFI which was on 4G speed available here in Salt Lake. That 4G speed sure makes traveling with the internet an awesome experience, which is actually faster than my home DSL system. I called Charlene and my phone still worked. Purchased from audible a 24 credit (books) and down loaded one book a biography of Ben Franklin for some final listening on my trip home. Updated my diary and played some ACBL fast pairs on the BBO with Marvin French.

Mollie and her new boy friend Jeff picked me up at 4:45 pm. We went out to dinner at the Green Onion in down town Salt Lake. The food was just outstanding. We had a delicious fresh trout salad and assorted marinated meat salad for our appetizer. I and Jeff had duck confit with swiss chard, barley, and a french cheese for our main course. The duck was to die for. Mollie had an Argentine rib eye steak which was also delicious. For dessert I had a almond butter cake with fresh strawberries yum yum. Mollie had chocolate cake and Jeff had some home made mint Caba ice cream. All was delicious including my Argentine Malbec wine and a great white desert wine from Washington State. I showed Mollie and Jeff my trailer after dinner and then shot some portrait photos of the happy romantic couple. They left for a party, I watched TV an hour and retired early.

Last updated on August 29, 2011