Ramona Grassland Preserve 2011
Roger's photography shoot at Ramona Grassland Preserve 2011

6/9/11 At 8:00am, I went to Ramona Grassland preserve with Richard Bledso and Lew to do macro photograph of frogs, butterflies, damsel flies, and various bugs. The sight entrance is located in Ramona at the intersection of Archie Moore and Highland Valley Road. We walked about 1 mile east to a nice pond where we did most of our photography. I used my Canon 7d and a Canon 100mm macro lens and a 580EXII flash along with my new light weight carbon fiber Giotta tripod. It was cloudy buy the light was still very nice. I am beginning to like macro work a lot. It is difficult to get sufficient depth of field. Another problem is wind, so it must be very quite to be successful. I did not have a flash bracket so I had problems with lens blocking the flash. Since then I have purchase a Kirk universal quick connect flash bracket which really improves my flash shots. I did not get many good shots but really enjoyed being outdoors and enjoying Richard and Lews company. Richard is a master at macro work and I was able to learn a few technics from him.



Last updated on June 13, 2011