Mexico Cancun trip Diary 2011

Diary of Linda and my trip to Cancun Mexico

04/07/11 Linda and I Left for our Mexican all inclusive vacation at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort on the Riviera Maya near Cancun Mexico. We had to get up at 4:00am to make our US Air flight to Cancun via Phoenix Arizona. The flight was an hour late leaving Phoenix because of a plane hydraulic problem. We arrived finally at the resort in Mexico in the late afternoon where my two sisters and their husbands were waiting to have dinner with us. The resort was very impressive 4 - 5 star in my estimation. The food was good comparable to Cruise Boats in the 3 - 4 star range. Our room was large and beautiful with an outside patio with beautiful flowers and vegetation. The Air Conditioning was awesome. A safe was provided and security was very good as the huge complex was completely fenced and gated with around the clock security. I did not bring my laptop as I was worried about security, but would do so next time. The maids were very honest as one day I left the safe open with lots of money in it and nothing was lost. The Barcelo has 194 sites throughout the world with headquarters located in Spain. The guests are from all over the world, but 50% are from the US. The 8 day trip total cost including air fare was only $2600 for two. This hotel had 2500 rooms and were grouped into 3 levels of excellence. We opted for level three when we booked with When we arrived we were upgraded to level 2 because my sister was a repeat customer. You were allowed to roam anywhere regardless of your grade. The grade apparently only affected your room and the premium restaurants. The hotel buildings were three story maximum height and built using green technology. It had 96% occupancy (spring break) when we arrived but was down to 56% when we left. Even though the place was full when we arrived it did not seem crowded. We went to bed early to recover from our long day and the horrible jet lag that effects senoirs.


04/08/11 We got up about 8:00am and went to breakfast with my sisters Joanne and Charlene along with their husbands David and Mike. The fruit was to die for and the omelet bar was very good. It was fun having a vacation with my sisters. We spent the day lounging around one of the many pools and on the beautiful white sandy beaches with awesome turquoise colored water. Mike, David, and Linda did some snorkeling. The girls did some window shopping at some of the high end shops on the complex. Linda and I had a relaxing day recovering from yesterdays long journey.


04/09/11 We got up at 5:00am and got a taxi to the ferry to the island of Cozumel. It was a rough 45 min ride to the island. Most of us took Bonine to fight off sea sickness. We booked a guided snorkeling trip which took us in the ocean on the southern side of the island. Our transport to the three ocean sites off the shore of the island was a high speed small boat which held David, Mike, Linda, I, a family of three from Atlanta, the boat driver, and our guide. This boat doing what seemed like 60 mph was crashing over the waves big time causing me fright and mild sea sickness. After 45 minutes we arrived at the first site out in the ocean. The snorkeling was great with clear water and lots of exotic tropical fish. The waves were too high to suit my comfort level. Linda and I decided to stay in the boat at the last two sites we visited. We got back to Cozumel around lunch time where we met Charlene and Joanne who had been shopping. We had lunch at of all places the Hard Rock Cafe which was outrageously priced and the food was marginal. We all then took the ferry back to the main land town of Playa Carmen. Linda and I were dead tired so we immediately got a taxi back to the Barcelo. I was exhausted and went to bed and stayed there for 16 hours until breakfast the next morning.


04/10/11 Had another great breakfast at the buffet. Everyday I had delicious fresh fruit pineapple, water melon, cantaloup, and mango. The omelet and the waffle-pancake bars were also popular with me. Waiters were available to serve you coffee or alcohol of your choice at no charge. PiƱa Coladas were very popular and good. We all spend another day on the beach lounging around and walking into the ocean clear warm water. It was shallow for perhaps 200 yards before it got over your head, moderate waves, and colorful tropical fish swimming all around. Swim up bars at most of the many pools were lots of fun. Mike tried sailing a catamaran but was unable to get it out because of the waves. I was skeptical that he would be able to do it as he had never controlled the rudder on a sail boat before. I was still to tired from yesterday to join him. Of course we had lunch at one of the 5 buffets at the complex. The buffets also had grills so you could order hamburgers, hot dogs, and other American style food. Your are allowed to eat a the premium restaurants three times, so this night we had reservations at the seafood restaurant. The restaurant was beautiful, the service was great, presentation of food awesome, and the food quantity was a bit random. Some things were excellent others not so good. We however enjoyed all our meals together and for the most part enjoyed the pampered experience.


04/11/11 We got a public taxi and went to a famous very large theme park called Xel-Ha. The taxi dropped us off on the main highway and we had to walk about 1/2 to 3/4 mile to the park. It was hot and humid this day and my sister Charlene apparently suffered a heat stroke. She spent most of the day in the park medical first aid room. The attraction of this site is underground rivers which rise to the surface before entering the ocean. The river has created several large estuaries being a mixture of fresh and salt water. The tropical fish love it here and the water is incredibly clear. It is an environmentally protected site but is run like an all inclusive resort theme park. It is illegal to use sun tan lotion that is not biodegradable. All food is buffet style and free. Snorkeling is the main attraction and all gear is free if you did not bring your own. David, Mike, and I did snorkeling for about an hour and it was awesome, the most enjoyable snorkeling I have ever done. The water is slightly cool but so clear and the fish are abundant and diverse. There is easy access with wood steps to the water at perhaps 50 locations. It is a huge site I would guess at least 500 acres. They provide a bus to the most upstream part of the river. There they have high tech inner tubes to float down river which most of us did. Along the way are small cliffs where you can get out of tube and jump off into the water. There are also a few zip line rides which are also free. This place is a must do especially if you like snorkeling. It is incredibly well run and very clean with extensive facilities. There are a few shops but they are done in good taste. There are extensive plants with beautiful landscaping. The food is good. It cost $71 per person but is well worth it. We had dinner tonight at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort Steak House which turned out to be the best premium restaurant.


04/12/11 Spent the day lounging and swimming at the beach at the resort. Ate in the Italian premium restaurant this evening. We also attended show similar to Ballet Folk Lariat which was good and on a par with a Las Vegas review show also free as part of the all inclusive. After that we took a walk along the ocean in the resort and were very impressed with lighted Mayan statues.


04/13/11 Got up early and got on a tour bus to the Ancient Tulum Mayan ruins site. We went there on very comfortable air conditioned Prevost bus. Our guides were excellent, but the first one said every thing first in Spanish and then in English which was annoying. The entrance before the site was disappointing highly commercial with shops and hustlers. Once inside it was OK but quite crowed. Our guide at the ruins was excellent and only did English. The site was located at the highest point perhaps 300' on a cliff right on the ocean. The beach area was absolutely beautiful. We purchased a Mayan statue, a Mayan mask, a picture frame, and a pretty coffee cup. Taking the tour bus was much better than public transportation which we did on our previous excursion. Charlene had no problem with the heat today.


04/14/11 Our day of departure. We did not leave until noon for Cancun. Linda and I had a great time on this all inclusive vacation. This part of Mexico is much cleaner and more modern than most other parts of Mexico. Most hotels on Mayan Riviera has been built in the last 10 years and are very beautiful tasteful green style resorts. The only industry in this state of Mexico is tourism and they treat the tourist very well. There was no hint of any drug related crime or problems where we visited. I would also recommend this area over Cozumel as this island is overcrowded and very commercial. We had no problem on our return flights home to San Diego. Our friend George Humphrey picked us up at the SD airport around 9:30pm. It was a long day but got home in good shape at 10:30pm.

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