Irwindale trip Diary 2011

Diary of my trip to Irwindale California

05/07/11 I got up at 5:15am for my trip to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Artisans Market in Irwindale, California at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area. I rode with an Astronomy and photography buddy Roy Rang. It took about 2.5 hours to drive up from San Diego. The trip was great fun but a bit short for the long drive. Roy had to return early for some photo shoots so we could only stay about 2 hours at the Faire. The talent at the 30-45 minute English skits were very good and I enjoyed the humor and acting immensely. The costumes were very authentic looking as you can see by the photos I took. I would recommend this to anyone and would do it again. I am now up for attending the Oregon and Utah Faire's. Here is a url for all the Faires in the US RENFAIR.COM


Last updated on May 9, 2011