Illinois 2011
Roger's stay at Illinois, August 3 to 5, 2011

08/3/11 day 45 Charlene made some good French Toast for breakfast. I spent the morning washing my laundry at Charlene's. Also spent time paying bills using the web and catching up on my email.

Charlene drove me to her son's house Justin Babcock in Mt. Vernon near Madison. We met Krystal his wife and the two kids. I took lots of photographs of the kids especially the boy who was very charming. They had extensive toys and the tree house that Justin made for them was amazing. Justin arrived from work around noon and we went to visit one of his job sites he had worked on which was very impressive. He had built an awesome garage and an entertainment audio video room for a rich executive in the Madison area. Justin then went back to work and I took Charlene, Krystal, and the kids to TGF for lunch.

After returning to Charlene's house, I discovered that I had another flat tire. I checked it closer and found that the tire had cracks and a nail in the side wall. Mike helped me remove the tire. We took it to Discount Tire but, they did not have a tire that size. Called around and found one at "Tires Plus". It cost $30 more than the same tire the day before at "Discount Tire". A bummer but having it in inventory is everything when one needs it now.

Charlene made stuffed bell peppers for dinner. They were from their garden and were very good. We then went to an outdoor concert in Rockford after dinner. The group was very talented playing in a beautiful city park setting. I enjoyed the unusual group quite a bit.


08/4/11 day 46 Got up early and we left at 8:00 am for Chicago's Navy Pier to do an Architectural Boat Tour on the Chicago River. The traffic into Chicago was lethal and Mike's tail gating type driving was very stressful to me and Charlene. If I ever go again to Chicago to a museum or other activity I will offer to pay for the bus rides to all, to avoid this drive. The tour was great with good lighting, comfortable relatively cool seating in the boat . Our guide was fantastic and performed like a professional actor. I highly recommend this very informative tour about Chicago's buildings and history. After the Chicago fire it was made illegal to build any buildings out of wood, hence many poor people who could not afford brick - stone materials to rebuild had to leave Chicago. After the tour we walked the Navy Pier which did not appeal to me as it was; congested, too commercial, and to carnival like to suit me. Found our car which was in a $10/hour parking lot and started fighting the traffic to leave the city. Mikes gps did not work well down town because it could not figure out the vertical multiple layers of streets in this area. Finally got out of town and stopped at Maggiano's one of my favorite Italian restaurants in this area to have a early dinner. The lasagna is to die for her. Finally made it back to Charlene's house and watched a bit of TV having some of Charlene's home made mound bars before retiring. It was nice visiting char and Mike again.


08/5/11 day 47 Got up late and installed the new tire on the trailer. I then prepared the trailer for travel. Charlene and I had lunch at a local family barbecue hut, having pulled pork sandwich and fresh corn again. yum yum I had no problems driving north about 2.5 hours to Duck Creek Camp ground in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. Joanne and David met me at the campground and we immediately drove off to Amish Country to get some hot glazed donuts before their bakery closed. This area is always picturesque and fun to visit. Joanne bought lots of organically grown vegetables. The horse carriages are so cool to watch. It is like being in the US 200 years prior. Came back to my camp site and finished setting up trailer. I drove to Joanne's house less than 6 miles away and had dinner prepared by Joanne. Hamburgers, fresh corn on the cob, and fresh sauteed beets from the Amish.


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