Antelope Canyon 2011
Roger's photography shoot at Antelope Canyon June 24, 2011

06/24/11 day 4 Got up at 5:30 am and met astronomy friends over at Mather Campground for our photo trip to Antelope Canyon. This famous canyon is located 149 miles from the South Rim near Page Arizona. I rode with Roy Morrow an astronomer from Knoxville TN. He was a very interesting man who had a PHD in Chemical Engineering and had lots of interesting stories and life accounts to share with me. Roy Ang also drove with Doug Hansen both photographers and astronomers from San Diego CA. The 3rd vehicle housed Bill Loquist an astronomer from Phoenix AZ and also a past acquaintance/partner of mine on a Colorado River rafting trip in 2009. It took us 3 hours to reach the canyon owned by an Indian tribe. The cost to get in was $26. It was a soft sandstone slot canyon dry drainage perhaps 100' at its deepest. The ambient temperature was in the high 90's but it was relatively cool in the slot. There were beautiful formations and colors in the canyon. Our tickets were good for 2 hours. The canyon was full of photographers from all over the world. There were metal stairs in some areas to help people negotiate through. There is an upper and a lower area with separate fees. We did the lower one apparently the best one according members in the group who had been to both. I became very fatigued after 1.5 hours mostly from the heat and blowing sand, so returned sooner than the rest of the group. I enjoyed the trip but would endeavor to arrive earlier next time to beat the heat, crowds, and of course the sun would be at lower more provocative angle. We then had lunch at Subway and headed back to the South Rim. We stopped in Cameron the famous Navaho trading post for a break on the way back. I swear that the cost of Navaho rugs increase 20% every time I revisit this fun trading post. Linda would be horrified if I bought one. We got back in 3 hours around 4:30 pm. I was dog tired from long day and the heat so went to bed at 8:00 am skipping astronomy this night.

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