SD Zoo 2010

Diary of Roger's photography shoot at the San Diego Zoo, California January, 2010

01/20/10 I went to the SD Zoo today for photo shoot with Rich Strobel, Jose Magsaysay, John Restivo, and Dewey Slough. I purchased a two person yearly pass for $85 which includes two quest passes. It was a beautiful sunny day. I really enjoyed using my new Canon 100-400mm lens which is definitely the perfect lens for shooting the animals at the zoo. We walked past the new Elephant enclosure are which was very impressive. The photos on pages SD1 & SD2 were all shot with my Canon 40D, Canon 100-400mm imaged stabilized zoom lens, on a tripod. I used mostly aperature preferred mode, one shot focus, automatic white balance, evalutive focusing, ISO 200, auto focusing with image stabilization on. I processed must using Canon Camera Raw, Photoshop CS4, a two shots using HDR Phomatrix software which puts 3 frames different exposed and converts it into one high dynamic range shot. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Linda and I took my sister Joanne and David Allen visiting from Wisconsin to The San Diego Zoo today. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. We had lunch at the only good restuarant in the park named Alberts in memory of the famous gorrilla Albert. I was exhausted by 2:30 pm when we left.





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