Quail Gardens 2010

Diary of Roger's photography shoots at the Quail Gardens, Encinitas, California, 2010

05/04/10 I did a Meetup with the Pacific Photography Society today at the beautiful San Diego Botanical Gardens formerly Quail Gardens. The leader Walter Koenig was a fun engaging guy who was very knowledgeable. We met at 9:15am. The flowers had droplets on them due to the morning watering. The grounds were beautiful and the hiking through them was great exercise. The park is indepently run. Tuesdays are the free day and it only cost $2 for parking.


At 12:15pm several of our 20 person group went out to lunch at St. Germains Cafe. Next we went to the Self Realization Fellowship Gardens another beautiful photographic opportunity. The tranquil gardens right on the ocean cliffs were even more beautiful than Quail Gardens.


I used a tripod and a Canon 100mm macro 2.8 lens for all my shots.




Last updated on May 6, 2010