Morgan Hill Titanium Rally 2010

Diary of my trip to Morgan Hill Titanium Rally in April 2010

04/06/10 We left at 8:00am for our trip to Morgan Hill California. We headed north on hwy 5 and through LA on hwy 405 and then on to hwy 101 along the coast through Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and ending in Oceana near Pismo Beach where we stayed the first night. The scenery along the coast was breathtaking on this sunny day. The rolling live oak tree covered hills were green with numerous flowers yellow mustard plant, golden California Poppies, and purple lupine. We stayed at the excellent high rated Pismo Dunes RV Park. The cost was $35. We had dinner at a local hole in the wall sea food casual restaurant called the SPLASH CAFE. They are reported to have best chowder in a sour dough bread bowl in California. We split the chowder, 1/2 pound of clams, and a salmon burrito and a glass of chardonnay, all very excellent in a fun lively atmosphere. We got friendly with a State of California auditor while sitting at casual open counter type table. Spent the rest of evening watching TV and retiring about 9:30pm.

04/07/10 We left about 9:00am for our final 200 miles to Morgan Hill just below San Jose. The farm country in Salinas had every conceivable vegetable being raised. We pulled into an iceberg lettuce field irrigation setup area to have lunch. Meghan could run around in the field and ate some of the lettuce. I couldn't’t resist picking one head for us to eat later. We arrived about 2:00pm and got checked into the Coyote Valley RV Resort. It was a very nice upscale park well off the road filled with big rigs. Several participants were already there, so I began socializing. I talked a long time with my friend Don Fry and his wife Kathy. They were having problems with their TV and satellite systems which I could relate with. Our Motosat antenna would not lock in on this trip and was working just a month ago. We had dinner at Fuzio’s in Morgan Hill an excellent upscale Italian restaurant which Linda and I both enjoyed.


04/08/10 It was cold last night and Linda was snoring, so I had to retreat to the sofa with just a small blanket. I worked on my new Dell laptop computer most of the day, but it broke totally with constant blue screens and I resolved with my self that it was going to be sent back to Dell and the only internet I would have for this trip would be my i-phone. At night we attended a getting acquainted party with appetizers and BYB which was lots of fun. Linda brought 2 dozen of her famous deviled eggs which all disappeared quickly.


04/09/10 The group decided to have a walk through everyones rig today, because rain was predicted for tomorrow. We took Meghan for a nice 3 mile walk on the 12 mile Coyote Valley bicycle hiking trial behind the park. At night we had a potluck and a wine tasting party put on by three local wineries which was great fun. I made a chicken skewer sauteed with spicy peanut sauce which turned out fairly good for my first try.


04/10/10 Well the weather man was right on as we got lots of rain all day. I watched the US Open on cable TV which the park had. It was fun to watch Tiger Woods and Mickelson battle it out again after Tiger’s return. Linda and I visited a 2 hour Tech Talk conference about Titaniums which was held in the afternoon. As most of you know Titanium officially went into bankruptcy and sold all their assets this week so support will be on our backs for the duration of our Titanium ownership. Tonight we had another potluck where you bring your own meat and side dish for the group. We barbecued a Costco tri-tip roast for our meat and I made a pineapple upside down cake for a group dessert dish. One of the members had DJ equipment which was excellent and was used by various rally host to present messages and to dispense the raffle items provided by various RV vendors always a fun pass time anticipating a big prize. I won an expensive reclining lawn chair and Linda won a roadside emergency flasher.


04/11/10 Woke up to rain this morning and it continued all day. Meghan our Irish Terrier did not enjoy going out in that rain to relieve her self, nor did she like the sound of it on our Titanium roof. I decided to drive south to Camping World for some shopping. I found a nice 37” square table that folded in half thus fitting in the storage space under our bed. Bought some other cleaning and anti UV products. At night we attended our farewell dinner and entertainment at Guglielmo Winery. The wine was good and sold at $5 per glass a reasonable price for the quality. The food was so so but edible. I brought my 40d camera with flash and got photos of all the couples who attended. After the dinner our DJ brought in a Elvis impersonator singer entertainer who was excellent and performed for an hour +. He was quite good and so entertaining to the women who near the end started sticking $5 bills in his belt and other parts of his body. I turned on my i-phone and did several video clips of him and the audience participation which turned out to be quite entertaining in spite of the i-phone low quality video. Linda and I really enjoyed ourselves at this last rally function. The organizer’s should be commended liberally for arranging this entertaining venue.


04/12/10 We got on the road heading south in the rain showers along the coast on hwy 101 about 9:00am. We drove about 140 miles south to hwy 58 and began heading east but encountered warnings that big rigs were not advised, no services for 85 miles, and that there was snow on the 3500’ mountain pass. We both did not like the sound of this so we back tracked north 25 miles to hwy 46 heading east towards Bakersfield. In the afternoon the weather changed to partly sunny and warmer. We connected up with hwy 58 at Bakersfield and hit the “Orange Grove RV Park” just east of Bakersfield. The park trees were in full bloom and smelled heavenly. We arrived around 3:00pm meeting up with John & Kazuko Schooley and Mitch & Dana Brown. I really enjoyed conversing before dinner with our southern California Titanium partners who have been friends for perhaps 5 years. I was dead tired having dinner in our rig and hitting the rack about 8:30am.


04/13/10 Got up about 8:00am talking more with Mitch before leaving at around 9:45am on a beautiful sunny morning. We decided to drive east on 58 over the Tehachapi mountains to Kramer Junction on highway 395 and then to hwy 15 straight home. The mountains in the 3000 to 4000’ elevation range were beautifully adorned with yellow and purple wild flowers. Arrived home about 2:30pm. Linda and I both had a great time on this trip due to the friendly fun people we encountered and due to the beautiful spring greenery and flowers.

Last updated on April 22, 2010