La Jolla Cove 2010

Diary of Roger's photography shoots at the La Jolla Cove, La Jolla, California, 2010

01/25/10 I met Rich Strobel and Richard Bledsoe at 7:00am at La Jolla Cove to shoot gray pelicans on the wing. I used manual mode shooting along with AI servo with my Canon 40d body and my Canon L series 100-400mm lens. It takes some practice to successfully get these birds in flight. Trying to get a nice wave in the background is fun. I stayed until noon.


01/28/10 We had so much fun last time in this beautiful area, so we decided to try it again. Several other buddies of Richard Bledsoe and Richard Strobel show up with Nikon full frame cameras and long high speed telephoto lenses.


03/01/10 Linda and I drove my sister and David to the Glider Port and then to La Jolla Cove. There was not enough wind for the bigger gliders this day, so David only got to see the radio controlled gliders fly. It was a beautiful warm sunny day so the excursion was very enjoyable.


12/23/10 On a beautiful sunny day just before Christmas, I met Richard Strobel, Richard Bledsoe, and Lew in the late afternoon to photograph tide pools, birds, and the sunset. I tried several HDR shots but did not really get them exposed right because of my estimates regarding the extreme contrasty back lighting.

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