Glenwood Springs Colorado Diary 2010

Diary of Linda, Meghan, and my trip to Glenwood Springs June, 2010

06/09/10 We left for Colorado trip this morning, destination Las Vegas. The final climb out of Baker into Nevada was brutal on the truck. I had to slow down to avoid over heating. Checked into the Circus Circus KOA RV Park at 3pm. It was 100 degrees + and the diesel engine light came on as I let it idle while checking in. Got it working by revving it up a bit. The engine needs tune up work as it pulsates at low rpm’s. Next problem was that the MotoSat satellite dish did not work. The plastic on it was disintegrating and falling apart. I decided I was done with that finicky dish and would buy a Winegard Carryout tomorrow at Camping World. Had dinner with the Humphrey’s at the Golden Gate Club down town.


06/10/10 I got up early and took Meghan to a local Dog Park for exercise. Next I purchased the Winegard Carryout automatic portable at Camping World for $699. It did not work with my 601 receiver, so I had to go back and buy a 311 receiver. Next problem was that the carryon would not work wired through external satellite connection. Apparently it is wired through a splitter with a diode in it. Wired directly to the 311 receiver I was successful with getting it working. Took truck to local Chevy dealer but they could not look at it for 2-3 days so will hope the diesel engine holds up until I get back to San Diego. I had appetizer’s with wine at the Circus Circus Steak House for dinner. Linda played bridge the day with George Humphrey.

06/11/10 I played bridge with Renee Carter in the early two session Open Game today. We managed to come in 17th overall winning about 3 master points. Linda and George played the same event not coming in the overall, but winning a session top which also paid about 3 master points. After bridge we took Meghan for a walk and then met Renee at the new M Resort and Casino. I waited for 1 hour in the buffet line which was worth the wait this time. The food in the seafood buffet was just outstanding and included good quality wine and beer. The deserts were to die for. The resort casino is an amazing well designed up scale building. I will visit it again next trip to LV.

06/12/10 Left LV around 10:00am and drove east. Stopped in Cedar City for a Yermi Burger Doug Willingham’s favorite hamburger anywhere. They are just OK but were not even hot. The temperature in the high plateau dropped down to the high 40’s. It also rained hard. We made it to the the KOA in Richfield about 4:00pm. I took Meghan for a walk but had to hurry back as it started raining. Had a pleasant evening in the trailer watching TV and computing.

06/13/10 Broken sun and clouds this morning. I slept until 9:30am. I wanted to stay another day, but we had to move the trailer if we wanted to stay, so I decided to drive to Green River. It rained on and off on the way over. I arrived at 2:00pm and checked into the Shady Acre’s RV Park. We drove 12 miles out to Swasey Beach on the Green River. We drove anther few miles up river on the dirt road. Stopped at a nice canyon and took a 3 mile hike up a wash with Meghan. Came back and went to Rays for one of their famous hamburgers. Spent the rest of the evening watching the NBA playoff game between LA and Boston. Boston won yah yah.

06/14/10 Drove about 190 miles to Glenwood Springs and checked into the Glenwood Canyon Resort RV Park just north of Glenwood Springs on the NONAME Creek exit. It cost $57 per night for full hook ups. We were right on the Colorado River with small view of river and a great view of Glenwood Canyon. The Rock Gardens rafting company and a zip line company across the river was also located here. I wanted to do a half day raft trip but did not find the time. I had trouble getting satellite TV working, but finally succeeded. We had dinner at the Glenwood Springs Brew Company. The beer was excellent and the food good at a reasonable price.

06/15/10 Drove to the next free exit and hiked the beautiful and scenic Grizzly Creek 2 mile up and 2 miles back. I brought my new 7d camera and got many stills and a few videos. Meghan had a couple of confrontations with other dogs, but fortunately no canines were injured. Drove to Glenwood Springs and did some shopping. Came home and did some Photoshop processing. We had dinner at a local favorite called the Italian Underground which was good and economical. We now had lots of left overs for the next two days. Watched the NBA playoff game 6 and the dreaded Laker’s won. Well Boston has one more chance to be world champions on Thursday night the 17th.

Last updated on July 15, 2010