Borrego Springs 2010

Diary of our trips to Anza Borrego in 2010

02/28/10 We drove my sister Joanne and her husband David to Anza Borrego SP to see the beginning of the wild flower season. We brought Meghan along to give her some companionship and exercise in the park. I watched Meghan while Linda, David, and Joanne toured the visitor center nature trail. We then did lunch at the Red Coyote Cafe which was very good. We ate outside in the beautiful warm sun shine weather which really impressed my sister. Next we went to Coyote Canyon to see flowers, but the showing turned out to be very sparse. It was too early for the main bloom. Joanne did however enjoy seeing the orange, grapefruit, and lemon groves near the canyon.


08/11/10 I drove after bridge to the Borrego Springs State Park camp ground loaded up with all of my current astronomy equipment. I met fellow SDAA member Paul Brustas at the campground around 5:00 pm. We set up our equipment on a huge concreate handicap pad. I had my new Obession 15" UC with ServoCat and Argo Navis Goto system. My set went worked well and my gotos were quite good. Paul had two scopes and lots of imaging equipment including an SBIG 2000 camera which really impressed me. I also liked is new Celestron Goto equatorial mount which cost him about $1400. It was way better than the Celestron CG-AST mount I used to have. The wind up when we arrived, but totally stopped at dark and the conditions were very pleasant. Views of objects like M13, M11, M16, M17 , and M31 were all awsome. My new 21mm Ethos eye piece was perfect for these objects. We had some Perseids but not many. Paul was a fun person to be with and I enjoyed discussing imaging and astronomy with him. We went to bed about 2:30 am.


08/12/10 I got up at 9:00 am very groggy and helped Paul assemble is Easy Up awning to put over his van. We also assembled my Easy Up which I put over my telescope to protect it from the hot sun. I ran my AC around the clock but the temperature in my trailer got up to 82 F. I tried to get my new satellite Winegard TV antenna working, but alas another defective unit. I sure have trouble with satellite TV antenas. I spent the day sleeping and working on my computer. It was warmer the second night but still pleasant. There were a few large rocket like Perseids but the quanitity was very low. The seeing was not good, but improved about 11:30 am. We had some European vistors and a club member named Ray join us this night. The first night not one other camper was there, but tonight about 4 sites were actually used. This is not a popular destination in the summer for good reason as the day time temperature was 110 F. In spite of the heat I still enjoyed myself. Paul was a great companion and the Europeans from Switzerland were fun people. We stayed up until 1:30 am watching the Perseids.


08/13/10 Paul woke me up at 8:00am. We helped helped each other pack up our equipment and was on the road by 9:15am.

Last updated on August 16, 2010