Wings over Gillespie 2009

Diary of Roger's photography shoot at the "Wings over Gillespie" Air Show at El Cajon, California June 7, 2009

06/7/09 I attended my first antique air show ever with my friend Rich Strobel and John Restivo. It was at Gillespie Field in El Cahon, Ca. I used my new Canon 100-400mm image stabilized lens. I concluded that shooting ariel potography is no easy task. I had trouble keeping on the target especial because I was not using AI Servo focusing in the beginning of the shoot. The object would go out of focus and then I couldn't get it back. I got much better with practice however. One photographer at the shoot had a wonderful head for his tripod called a Wimberly which made the camera and lens perfectly balance and easy to pan in any direction. You will notice that the still ground shots are all highly cropped because my minimum lens was 100mm. I should have brought a wide angle lens for the plane still shots on the ground. I did not realize so many antiques were going to be on display.


The weather and company was great and I had a wonderful day learning from the expert photographers and enjoying the air show.

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