Summer Trip Diary 2009

Diary of Linda, Meghan, and my RV trip summer 2009 June, July, August

6/22/09 Day 1 summer trip I left for Las Vegas this morning at 7:00am with the 5th wheel. Linda and Meghan are not leaving until Wednesday, when they will ride to LV with the Humphreys. I checked into the KOA near the Circus Circus where I will stay for 5 days. The LV Regional bridge tournament is at the Riviera Hotel across the street. The satellite TV and wifi is all set up and working fine. The temperature today is 99F in the shade. I spent the remainder of the day working on my photos and web site.


6/23/09 Day 2 summer trip The temperature dropped to 76F last night which allowed AC to cycle off allowing very comfortable sleeping conditions. I stayed in the trailer until 5:00pm working on Photoshop and Dreamweaver while the temperature reached 106F. outside and 82F. in the trailer. I went to Sushi Kaya in West Las Vegas for dinner. All you can eat for $24.95 and it was quite good, all sushi was made to order. I had two Heineken beers to wash the Sushi down. After stuffing my self, and when it got dark I got my tripod, new 10-22mm lens, and camera out to try some night photos. I did them using HDR method and a few of them are on photo page SU1.


6/24/09 Day 3 summer trip This is my day for bridge in the Senior Pairs with Renee Carter. We were dealt the event, but we both had a few mistakes and ended up 6th overall getting 4.5 MP for our efforts. The game was mostly a pleasant experience. Linda, Meghan and the Humphreys' arrived in the afternoon via car. After the game we all went out for dinner at the Macaroni Grill. The food and wine was enjoyed by all. We had a great time socializing and catching up on the events of past 2 years since we had seen Renee last.


6/25/09 Day 4 summer trip I drove Linda to bridge at 9:30am and then took Meghan to a Dog Park in West LV for some exercise as it was only about 88 F. at that time of morning. I stopped at Saks 5th Ave driving up to the high parking garage to take pictures with my new wide angle 10-22mm lens. Security actually came and said I was not allowed to take pictures up there, but I had already taken about 20 shots. I played with David Oakley in the Open Pairs at 1 & 7pm today. We started both sessions with a cold zero and we did not recover either session having two average games. The competition was good and the game was enjoyable regardless of poor showing.


6/26/09 Day 5 summer trip I again drove Linda to bridge and then took Meghan to a Dog Park in West LV for some exercise. The locals thought it was too hot to be out today as there were only two dogs there having little interest in running. David Oakley and I again enrolled in the Open Pairs game today. We won our section with a 64% game in the afternoon. We had many mistakes in the evening and ended up 14th overall and got about 2.8 gold points. I really do enjoy bridge more when there is better competition which we had today. I enjoy playing with David in spite of our disappointing finish today.


6/27/09 Day 6 summer trip We got on the road at 8:00 am and drove 390 miles to Springville, Utah. We checked into the East Bay RV Park which is still very nice with really good clean fast wifi. We met Mollie my niece at the Cracker Barrel for dinner. I spent a lot of time using her new 3G Iphone that I want to buy in October. We all returned to our trailer and Mollie got measured for a sweater which Linda intends to knit for her. We watched Castle TV show and retired early.


6/28/09 Day 7 summer trip Got up late and ate breakfast in trailer. I spent the day on my computer paying bills, buying 2 copies of new Windows 7 upgrade for $50 each, doing web site updates, and listening to tutorials on Photoshop CS4. At 3:00pm we went to Mollies house. I took several photos of her 3 cats; The Maine Coon - Samson, the Rag Doll - Ellie, and the Rag Doll Pollie. We all went out for dinner at a tepanyaki restaurant in Orem which was excellent. We stuffed ourselves and still had leftovers good for 1-1/2 meals.


6/29/09 Day 8 summer trip Left at 8:00am and drove 268 miles to Idaho Falls. We checked into the Snake River RV Park at 2:00pm. We just barely got a site as this park sold out tonight. We ate at Grandpa's Barbecue which was very good, especially the pulled pork and the sweet potatoes pie. yum yum. I would go back to this restaurant again.


6/30/09 Day 9 summer trip I slept in living room of trailer last night so Linda and I could get some relief from each others snoring. I slept well with blissful silence. Linda got sick (upchucked) from last nights barbecue, she said the spiciness caused her stomach to be violently upset. We got on the road about 8:30am local mountain time. The Montana high big country was really green and beautiful. The temperature in the 70's and the sky with beautiful cumulous clouds made it like a western movie. We saw huge cattle drives with cowboys on horse several times. We arrived in Missoula around 2:00pm and checked into Yogi Bear's Jellystone RV Park. The wifi by "The" cost $4 per day or $18 week and worked like my cable connection at home. We ate left over Japanese for lunch and Italian for dinner. Our satellite TV system is working great, so Linda is missing very few of her crime shows that she enjoys so much.


7/1/09 Day 10 summer trip We left about 8:00am and drove 62 miles to St. Regis, MT. Topped off the diesel tank and got on the Little St. Joe Road which is 15 miles of gravel and then into Idaho it is 13 miles of narrow asphalt. The road was in the best shape I have ever seen it in with no wash board areas at all. The forest also was very green and looking healthy. They had plenty of rain this spring and no evidence of global warming in this area. We arrived at the St. Joe River Conrads Crossing about 10:30am. The 3 sites on the river were full so we got a nice site up the hill in the tall trees. After getting set up we drove to Gold Creek and took the single track dirt road up the mountain about 2 miles; parked, and walked up hill about 1.5 miles up hill with Meghan dog. Meghan went crazy smelling and tracking all the forest animal scents. At 1.5 miles we met up with a huge coyote that stopped and eyed Meghan a long time. It could have been a wolf, but was probably a healthy large coyote. Either way we figured Meghan had no chance against a wild animal like this, so we returned to the car. I barbecued a Costco tri-tip roast for dinner. It was good but a bit salty and slightly dry as I over cooked it.


7/2/09 Day 11 summer trip Got up around 8:00am and cooked cheese omelets in the French style. It got down to 42F last night and we had to run the heater about 45 minutes to warm the trailer up. What a range of temperature; 85F. high to 42F low. I am thankful however for these relatively cool conditions as my MS hates hot and humid conditions. We drove 13 miles up river at about 10 miles per hour on the single lane road to Spruce Tree Camp Ground. The very beautiful Little Joe River Trail originates from this location. Linda, Meghan, and I hiked in about 2.5 miles when it got pretty wet and muddy so we decided to come back. Meghan went crazy sniffing all the animal smells. We had to cross streams twice and Linda whimped out on one of them removing her shoes and going barefoot. I had no trouble with shoes, only getting slightly wet as I stayed on top of the river stones. This trail is so beautiful even though it is used quite often by hores for transportation to a back county lodge 12 miles in, that only has access by foot or horse. We got back around 2:00pm and I crashed for 2.5 hours of shut eye. We had fried cod fish with asparagus and rice for dinner. Linda is using too much water for washing dishes (note by Linda - a daily 10 minute shower by Roger doesn't help). It is only day 2 of 4 and we only have 1/3 our fresh water left which we need for cooking, washing, and showers. No more showers for me on this trip into the Joe. This camp ground has no amenities at all and is basically a dry camp except for a pit toilet.


7/3/09 Day 12 summer trip Got up about 8:00am and cooked french toast with pork sausage for breakfast. We left for another hike around 11:00 am to a very beautiful little creek up from here about 2 miles. It was a tight single track trail and Meghan dog actually stayed close to us. Got back at 2pm for daily little snooze of 2.5 hours. I barbecued a Costco fillet mignon which was excellent along with wine, peas, and corn.


7/4/09 Day 13 summer trip Pulled my self out of bed at 8:30am this morning. I made cheese omelets with toasted English muffins for breakfast. We went down river and up the Bluff Creek road today for our hike. We found an old logging staging area with a dilapidated bridge and walked about 1.5 miles one way with Meghan running in deep grass and wild flowers with an occasional foray down to the creek. This area is so beautiful this time of year with virtually no people compared to San Diego. I made garlic butter shrimp with vegetables and pasta for dinner. This is our farewell dinner for the St. Joe River area this year.


7/5/09 Day 14 summer trip We drove 2 hours into Missoula, MT today and again stayed at the Yogi Bear's Jellystone RV Park. Linda cleaned up the trailer and I did a few repair and maintenance items. We had thunder storms on and off during the day. It was Sunday so we used our cell phones to call home checking that everyone was still alive. We had dinner at Famous Dave's Barbecue. As I again had wifi internet, I worked on that in the evening before retiring.


7/6/09 Day 15 summer trip It continues to rain this morning in Missoula and Meghan does not like the thunder. My duties other than my internet activity today are; buy propane at Bretz RV for $.99 per gallon, wash Meghan, and make Charlene's Chili for our next back country endeavor into the Selway River. Linda did shopping and the laundry. I worked on my web site and photos most of the afternoon with a few walks into the field trails with Meghan.

7/7/09 Day 16 summer trip We left Missoula at 8:00am for Lowell, Idaho which is right next to Three Rivers. I stopped at the Resort and made rafting reservations for my self on Thursday for an all day trip on the Lochsa River. We drove 7 miles up the Selway River to the NFS campground called O'Hara. Linda didn't like the site 17 which I reserved so we switched to a first come first serve site #28 a nice open site right on the river. I tried the satellite TV and it worked to my surprise, just clearing the trees on the hill to the south. We have no hook ups here, but it is a beautiful wooded campground, asphalt surface, huge sites, and with my Golden Access card only cost $5 per night plus the $7.50 reservation fee. The drive was only about 130 miles but extremely curvy which made me exhausted from the constant attention required for driving. There was also road construction and replacement of all drainage culverts. They covered the new ones back up with a hump like a speed bump which made travel comfort non existent.


7/8/09 Day 17 summer trip We woke up to a light shower and overcast sky this morning. Dish Network weather report was for clear sunny skys today Ha Ha. I am ready to hike but Linda says its too cold 55F and she doesn't want to get wet. What a whimp and we both have Gortex rain suits! So I am on the computer again doing this diary and working on Photoshop. It stopped raining and warmed up, so we did a 3 mile hike along the O'Hara Creek. The trail was mostly gravel but Meghan did not mind. When we got back Linda made cheese, avocado, and tri-tip Fajitas. Yum yum. This site 28 is great. It has the view of river, two shade trees, and enough sun to power our solar panels. I am getting about 13 amps so we will have satellite TV for two nights in a row. For dinner we had; grilled mustard chicken , steamed rice, and green beans. Spent the evening watching Linda's crime shows with her.


7/9/09 Day 18 summer trip I got up early 7:00am showered and drove 15 minutes to Three Rivers Rafting Company for my all day raft trip on the Lochsa River. The trip cost was $100 plus $15 tip. The trip had 8 people, 2 Monrovia Spider rafts with one male guide the leader and one female guide which I drew - DRAT. I had a college student nurse, a beautician from Colorado, and her teen age son the weakest link in our boat. We never flipped, but we were only lucky not to, on two of the major class 4 rapids we endured out of control. On one of them the very strong teenage nurse on the left over paddled versus the weak teenage boy on the right causing the raft to spin. We ended up going through the rapids mostly backwards and totally out of control. It was was only a miracle we did not hit a rock side ways and flip ourselves into that cold 48F raging water. The nurse got a lecture about over paddling and we did seem to keep our line better after that debacle. We were served lunch which included very delicious hot fried chicken. The trip was really a lot of fun as most of the rafter were interesting people with a great sense of humor. Of course the Lochsa River is so beautiful and it was enlightening just to be in such surroundings. Got home to Linda at 4:00pm and watched crime shows on satellite TV before retiring at 8:30pm dead tired.


7/10/09 Day 19 summer trip When we got here I lowered the 5th wheel awning because of expected rain. I used the ladder, but left it out under the awning as I lowered it. To my horror; one of the awning brackets hit the top of the step ladder and put a 75 degree angle bend in the left bracket that holds up the awning. It was still functional, but no way will it retract for travel. I am in the process of getting hammers and vice grips out to try straightening it out enough to retract the awning. I may have to do a massive duct tape operation to enable retraction! Linda, Meghan, and I did a 2.5 mile hike on the Gedney Creek Trail which probably rates in my top 15 for beauty. It was very shady in the trees and ferns. The terrain was up and down with beautiful views of the roaring creek below. There must have been lots of wild life out there because Meghan was crazed chasing the scents in all directions basically the entire hike. Apparently there are otter and mink on this trail which are unusual scents for Meghan not to speak of the coyote, wolf, bear, elk, fox, mice, chipmunk, squirrel. The trail required careful attention as it was very rugged. I tripped over concealed log and rolled down an embankment about 10 yards but fortunately was not injured. Drove back to camp from Selway Falls about 11 miles on the dirt single lane road along the Selway. I did a 2 hour nap and then started on repair of the awning. I was able to disassemble the bent part. I used my 15 pounder hammer with wood blocks and was able to pound the bent part back into working order. To my surprise no duct tape was required for travel.


7/11/09 Day 20 summer trip We drove a short 60 miles from Lowell to Orofino. Checked into the Clearwater Crossing RV Park located right on the Clearwater River. We did laundry,shopping, charged the batteries, and filled the fresh water tanks for our trip into the non developed Aquarius camp ground.


7/12/09 Day 21 summer trip We left about 8:00am for our 60 mile curvy trip into Clearwater NF Aquarius Camp ground on the North Fork of the Clearwater River. When we arrived at 10:00am we found Doug and Lana Willingham, Bruce and Beverly Roberts, Pete and Erin with 2 children (Beverly's kids and grand kids). They all had sites for themselves and sites saved for the rest of us. At 1:00pm, we got site 9 which is high on the river overlooking the class 3 rapids. The camp ground is still a lush green, very beautiful, with reasonably high water for this time of year. Joe and Scarlet Willingham arrived about 3:30pm and took site 8 which they have been occupying for 30+ years. Gretchen arrived and hour later and took a site near Bruce and Beverly. We have a relatively small group this year. We do expect Gretchen's kids Marin and Matt on Friday. Elke and Peter will not be arriving until next Sunday, so we may or may not see them. Linda made spaghetti with my left over hamburger and onions from last night. We had camp fire at 8:00pm at Bruce's site.


7/13/09 Day 22 summer trip It started raining at 6:00am and Meghan became stressed as usual from the thunder, lightening, and the rain drop noise on the roof. I got up about 6:30 am to take her out for a short walk in the rain. I had breakfast. About 9:00am it stopped raining, so we took Meghan off leash to the Gravel Pit at Isabella Creek. We returned just in time to avoid more rain. We socialized a bit with Bruce and Beverly and then spent the rest of the day in our trailer sleeping and computing while it rained at a very cold 58F. It rained all day and most of the night. I could never take Seattle weather.


7/14/09 Day 23 summer trip Woke up to 58F temperature, yeah the sun is out. Looking forward to a sunny day. Linda, Meghan, and I drove to Quartz Creek to scout the NF river and to hike up Quartz Creek abandon road. About 4 years ago a giant land slide blocked the road about 1 mile in creating a lake and apparently forever closing the road. Let Meghan off leash for the beautiful 2.5 mile round trip hike. The sky was clear enough for stars tonight. They looked clear and steady but that twilight just lasts for ever.


7/15/09 Day 24 summer trip Slept until 8:30am this morning. At 11:00am Joe Willingham, Erin, and I loaded up the 14' and the 12' Soar rafts for a float down the NF of the Clearwater River. We drove exactly 6.2 miles upstream to our put in. Joe used the 12' raft basically sitting in the bottom and using one of the seats as a back rest. Erin and I used the 14' with two seats canoe style as it was intended to be used. The weather and water level was perfect. We never got hung up on any rocks and negotiated all the difficult rapids without a flip. In one class 3 rapid Erin and I entered the deepest hole I have ever been in with a Soar raft. It had to be 5' deep and 14' in diameter when we entered it. The hole then filled up with water shaking the boat back and forth sideways and then a final wave that totally drenched us. We had the sense to keep paddling and made it out fine. I think this is the most fun run I have ever had on this river. We took out at my campsite, not going through Aquarius Falls. Joe did the falls and made it through with no problem. I would love to be here in mid June when the water level is higher yet. Low water on this river is really rocky, so it was a real pleasure to do it at relatively high water.


7/16/09 Day 25 summer trip Low of 51F last night. Both Linda and I wanted heat in the morning so we ran the the 5th wheel furnace to get interior up to 71F. During breakfast preparation, propane tank 1 ran out and I had to switch to tank 2. We should have more than enough on tank 2 for 5 more days.


7/17/09 Day 26 summer trip I took my 2nd shower today and then refilled the fresh water tank. It required around 200' of hose to reach the faucet down the hill. I got the hoses loaned to me by other campers next to me. The gray and black water tanks will probably last 10 days without over flowing. Linda uses the 5th wheel fresh heated water tank for dishes but throws the water out on the ground in the weeds to conserve gray water space. In the afternoon Linda and I went with Joe & Scarlet to find and cut fire wood. Joe found a great dead tree to cut, but it was leaning into the hill and Joe thought it was too dangerous to cut down. He ended up cutting a very small one and also scavenging some wood that someone else had already cut. It no easy task cutting and retrieving this wood in the very rugged forest. I guess we have enough wood for another 4-5 nights of camp fires. Near sunset I took Meghan for a short 2 mile hike and did a bit of photography on Isabella Creek. We had brats and sauerkraut for dinner tonight.


7/18/09 Day 27 summer trip This morning, I made sour dough pancakes for the entire group of approximately 10 people out at our picnic table overlooking Aquarius Falls. Other people donated coffee, fresh fruit, and bacon to complete the breakfast. It was a fun social event. I took Meghan for a short 3 mile hike up the NF river trail around 4 pm. Joe and Scarlet invited us for dinner. They made us Brawley Beef fillet mignon, garlic shrimp, sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and a vegetable medley. Yum yum what a delicious dinner especially that beef and the mushrooms. We continue to have campfire every night for 1 to 2 hours.


7/19/09 Day 28 summer trip The Rooneys and the Wheelers left this morning, so we only have 5 rigs left in camp. Linda, Meghan, and I drove to the Heritage Cedar Grove trail head about 8 miles up on the Isabella Creek FS gravel road. It is a scary, steep, curvy road with many narrow one way stretches. If you meet someone head on, you could be in for a long back up to a turn out spot. The trail was wild and very beautiful as usual. The forest in this area has never looked more healthy to me. At 2 miles in we did hit some downed wood across the trail which we had to climb over. At this point we met two horse tied up, just off the trail. We continued on down to Isabella Creek where a log bridge used to be, but found that it had been washed out since our last trip here. We met the owners of the horses down here. A young married couple with 1 year old child fishing on the creek. They confirmed that the horses belonged to them. The horses could not get past the downed trees. The couple said they owned a cattle Ranch near by in Grangemont. We walked back out to where the horses were and watched the couple mount up for travel. I would never dream of riding a horse down this trail, because there is many parts of trail which is narrow with steep drop offs on one side. About and hour later we got back to our truck. We probably did about 5 .5 miles with per 500' of elevation. This is my 3rd time on this trail and I hope to be able to do it again some day in the future. We had garlic butter shrimp, vegetable pasta for dinner.


7/20/09 Day 29 summer trip Got up around 8:00am and baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast sharing a few of them with other campers at our breakfast site picnic table on the river. After breakfast Linda, Meghan, and I walked up the Forest Service road on the south rim of the river. It is straight up perhaps 600' for a mile one way. We stopped on top for 15 minutes to admire the expansive view. Total round trip was about 2 miles only, but it sure got ones heart rate up. We met some young forest service worker kids pruning diseased trees on the way up. Spent the afternoon socializing with Doug. Around 5:00pm Peter and Elke arrived with their grand daughters Maria and Grace. For dinner barbecued a Costco Morton's chipolte tri-tip roast. We also had baked beans, and a nice wedge salad provided by Gretchen who joined us for dinner.


7/21/09 Day 30 summer trip Got up late and cooked huckleberry sourdough pancakes with bacon for breakfast. I spent the day getting ready for our exodus tomorrow morning. I had to climb up on the 5th wheel roof to sweep leaves and debris off the roof and slide outs. Spent the rest of the day socializing with Peter, Bruce, and Doug. The weather was about perfect this year. I was ready to leave at 7 days as I miss a shower every day, TV, and internet. Linda talked me into an extra 3 days promising me two showers in the rig.


7/22/09 Day 31 summer trip We left at 8:00am and drove to Clarkston, WA arriving around 11:45am after stopping at the Lewiston Flying J for gas and propane. We checked into Granite Lakes RV a beautiful park right on the Snake River. We immediately headed to Costco next door for cheap lunch and a bit of shopping. We returned to a nice cool rig where I nursed my mosquito and bee sting bites from the past week. This has been the worst year ever for insect depredation on humans susceptible to bites. It is unbelievable how about 1/2 the world does not get bit and the other 1/2 like me do. The Roberts and Gretchen also are at this park. We all went out to dinner at Roosters for dinner. The food was great, the decor nice right on the Snake river, and we had a nice time socializing.


7/23/09 Day 32 summer trip We are spending another day in Clarkston. Got up at 8:00am for the RV Park free breakfast from 8:00am to 9:30am. I took my truck to a local car wash where I also got an interior detail. Its wonderful to have a clean vehicle after 3 weeks of dirt. Bruce and I got our rigs washed by the mobil Patriot RV Wash in the afternoon. They did a very reasonable job for $50.


7/24/09 Day 33 summer trip Drove to Coeur d' Alene, ID today and checked into Blackwell Island RV Resort. The weather was perfect in low 80's with a balmy breeze. We ate at The Cedars floating boat Restaurant with Joe, Scarlet, Rooneys, and Gretchen. We started eating outside, but it got so breezy and cold that we moved inside for deserts, and closing aperitifs. The food is good at this restaurant, but the ambiance is to die for; a floating restaurant on the beautiful lake. Retired immediately after eating.


7/25/09 Day 34 summer trip I started the day with cinnamon rolls from Great Harvest Bread. yum yum. Linda and I attended Diana and Fred Rooneys 25th wedding anniversary party today. It was held on a large two deck tour boat on Coeur d' Alene Lake. We sailed about 5:00pm from the Resort area. It was open bar, with a professional DJ, and included a nice buffet dinner around 7:00pm. I took lots of wide view photos with my 10-22m lens. We returned back to the resort just before sunset. Linda and I had a great time. Most of the people we camped with the past two weeks were there, so it was really fun. Coeur d' Alene Lake is so beautiful and it was a beautiful sunny day with a mild breeze.


7/26/09 Day 35 summer trip I had no water this morning. After some research I discovered that my water PRV was defective blocking all water into the rig. Fortunately I had a spare PRV and got fresh water flowing again. The water up here is so pure, soft, and good tasting. Linda and I drove to Spokane this afternoon to pick up Kathy at the airport. All went well. We took her out to dinner at the Cedars floating boat which was fun.


7/27/09 Day 36 summer trip We went to to Beverly's 5 star restuarant at Coeur d'alane for lunch which was excellent having great ambiance, wonderful service, interesting competitively priced menu, and an outstanding wine list. We all enjoyed our choices. After lunch we jumped onto a scenic two hour boat ride of the lake.


7/28/09 Day 37 summer trip We drove to Missoula today. Linda did laundry and Kathy and I stocked up on food from Costco and Albertsons.


7/29/09 Day 38 summer trip We left in the morning for Bozeman, but decided to drive on into Livingston. We stayed at an KOA 10 miles south of Livingstone on hwy 89 leading into Yellowstone NP. We had no TV as the antenna was blocked by trees. We watched a couple of old Rumpole and the Bailey on DVD. I drank half a bottle of Marques de Caceres CRIANZA 2002 RIOJA.


7/30/09 Day 39 summer trip We left about 7:30 am on our drive to Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone NP. It was a beautiful day and the drive through the high country in the park was beautiful with the snow capped mountains and abundant wild flowers.


7/31/09 Day 40 summer trip We had breakfast and then we all took of for the Old Faithful Geyser area. We had to wait about an hour for the eruption. It was on time and faithful once again. We had lunch at the Old Faithful Inn which had great ambiance but was lacking in quality of food. After that we drove north to the nearby geyser area where we walked around a bit taking photos.


8/1/09 Day 41 summer trip We drove 17 miles to West Thumb on Yellowstone lake where we walked the geyser area. This is my 2nd favorite geyser area in the park. Returned back to camp for lunch and then drove east along the lake about 6 miles where the cell phones would work. I stopped at a secluded turn off near the lake where we ran Meghan for a 1/2 hour. Got her tired out running up and down the steep lakeside shore. The flowers in the area were beautiful. I must bring my camera out next time.


8/2/09 Day 42 summer trip I made Huckleberry sourdough pancakes this morning. I tried micro waving 6 pieces of bacon. Kathy insisted that all white on the bacon be gone which I mostly did and the bacon turned brittle and tasted terrible like card board. We tried to do a scenic boat ride on Yellowstone Lake, but the boat was down for repairs.


8/3/09 Day 43 summer trip We drove to Canyon area this morning where we visited the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River where Moran did his famous pictures which helped make Yellowstone our first National Park. We visited Artist Point on the south rim. We next had lunch at Canyon. I had a delicious flame grilled buffalo burger. Did a bit of shopping. We then drove to the recently reopened Inspiration Point on north rim. The north rim had the best views, but there was a very steep descent trail to the main look out point which Kathy declined to do because of her bad foot. Got back to camp around 3:00pm. I barbecued another Costco tri-tip roast which was a big hit with all of us. We watched several shows next on satellite TV.


8/4/09 Day 44 summer trip Got up and cooked french toast and sausage for breakfast. We left about 10:00am for the north entrance via Norris. It is a long tedious drive so Linda did part of the driving. We toured the Mammoth Hot Springs near town, before stopping for lunch at the sit down restaurant in town. I had a smoked trout salad and the girls had sandwiches. We ran into severe thunder storms (including hail) on the way back which really frightened Meghan. We had dinner tonight at the Lake Lodge Restaurant. The ambiance was beautiful with the lake side view and trees.


8/5/09 Day 45 summer trip It rained to day. We spent most of the day in the trailer watching TV and kicking back.


8/6/09 Day 46 summer trip We left Fishing Bridge about 7:30am heading south for the Grand Tetons. We stopped at Lewis River falls for a break and a look at the falls. Near Flag Ranch we ran into road construction and had to drive about 25 mph on a muddy dirt road for perhaps 15 miles. We arrived at our Coulter Bay camp ground on Jackson Lake at 10:15am too early for check in. We went to the visitor center nearby to wait until 11:30am. We got checked in to a nice wooded site near the entrance. The cost is $47 per night for seniors. The trees were too dense and tall for satellite TV which saddened the girls. We made reservations for scenic ranger guided (the theme "Fire & Ic") boat ride on 8/7/2009. We also visited the Jackson Lake Lodge for shopping, site seeing, and various snakes; chocolate malt and huckleberry ice cream. I cooked sour kraut and brats for dinner. We attended a ranger lecture at 7:30pm about ecological time. Watched one Rumpole and the Bailey DVD episode before retiring for the evening.


8/7/09 Day 47 summer trip We drove out Pilgrim Road to Bridger National Forest Wilderness trail this morning. The girls whimped out almost immediately. Kathy said it was too rough a surface and returned to car. Linda came to a stream crossing and whimped out next within 10 minutes of the trail head. I decided to go back and walk a mile on the gravel forest surface road with Meghan to give her some exercise. The backdrop of the Grand Tetons was beautiful and soothing in the quiet solitude of the wilderness. Meghan flushed out a fox which ran off, but kept eying Meghan for a couple hundred yards. It was really cool to see this fox at close range. Meghan actually never saw the fox. We did a 1.5 hour scenic boat ride with a ranger speaker explaining the geology of the area and what caused the Grand Tetons to form. It was a beautiful day and the female ranger did a great job of educating and entertaining us on the very comfortable dual engine diesel cruiser.


8/8/09 Day 48 summer trip We drove to Jenny Lake today and started the String Lake trail. We only went about an half mile because Kathy did not want to negotiate the rough terrain with her bad food. After that we visited some historical buildings and an old Snake River Ferry sight. We went to Leeks Marina Pizza house for dinner. The pizza and micro brewery beer was excellent. We have been attending the excellent ranger talks most evenings at 7:30am. Tonight we had a female Harvard geology graduate who talked in great detail about Ospreys. After that we watch a DVD TV series show of Rumpole and the Bailey. Then to bed we go at 10pm.


8/9/09 Day 49 summer trip The weather continues to be cool 40F low and 60 to 70F high. I freeze my butt off most nights as the two post menopausal ladies want it cool because of their hot flashes. Linda and Kathy drove into Jackson Hole WY today for sight seeing and shopping. I stayed home soothing my sore muscles by turning up the heat.


8/10/09 Day 50 summer trip We drove to Jenny Lake again today and took a power boat shuttle across the lake to the Hidden Falls trail head. We walked up the steep beautiful 1/2 mile trail to the falls and continued part way up towards Inspiration Point. It was a beautiful sunny warm day making this hike really enjoyable. I took lots of photos. We then drove home and had lunch. We again attended the ranger talk about wolfs at 7:30am. The mosquitoes were just horrible. I totally covered my body with my rain gear so only a little skin on my face was exposed. This is the worst year for mosquitoes I have ever experienced.


8/11/09 Day 51 summer trip We left the Grand Tetons early today and drove about 310 miles to Twin Falls Idaho. I was glad when we got there finally. We stayed at a KOA. I had trouble unhooking the 5th wheel as the site was quite un level. We ate in having brats and sauerkraut. This park is off my list as it was very noisy from a nearby busy street.


8/12/09 Day 52 summer trip Left about 7:30am in the morning and drove about 60 miles to the town of Jackpot, NV and had a delicious breakfast at the Cactus Pete Casino. We then continued on to Elko, NV arriving quite early around 11:00am. Checked into a wonderful new RV Park in town which was quiet and had good wifi.


8/13/09 Day 53 summer trip Drove from Elko to Sparks today which was a grueling 285 miles. I was dead tired after the drive. We checked into the new Sparks Marina RV Park. It has all artificial green turf on the sites and no dogs are allowed on the sites. This is a first for me. Conrad picked up Kathy and took her home. Conrad and Kathy picked us up at 5:30pm and took us to the Eldorado Casino Buffet for dinner. The room was recently remodeled and the buffet was excellent.


8/14/09 Day 54 summer trip Got up late and had french toast for breakfast. Linda, Meghan, and I then walked around the Marina Lake near the RV Park and Western Village. It was a beautiful morning and a professional ski show was going on as we did the approximate 1.25 mile walk with Meghan. At 11:00am Conrad and Kathy picked us up and drove us to the new Legends shopping center also on the Marina lake. At 5:30pm our chauffeurs picks us up again we went to dinner at Biscottis in the Peppermill Casino. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was quite good. I would describe it as a very upscale coffee shop.


8/15/09 Day 55 summer trip Slept late until about 9:00am. At 10:00am we both walked Meghan around the Sparks Marina Lake again. Its another beautiful day in the Reno area. At 1:00pm we drove to Conrad and Kathy's house to spend the day. Kathy made ribs from Costco for dinner which were excellent.


8/16/09 Day 56 summer trip We left Reno about 8:30am after getting propane for $1.99 per gallon at Baldinis Casino. Had lunch at Mono Lake after giving Meghan a 2 mile hike along the lake. Arrived in Bishop about 2:00pm. We took it easy the rest of day watching TV then had lo mien left overs for dinner.


8/17/09 Day 57 summer trip We got up about 8:00am and I cooked omelets and baked muffins for breakfast. Then we drove the approximate 36 miles through Big Pine to the 9,000' high Bristle Cone Ancient Forest. It was a beautiful day about 95F in Bishop but 72F at the 9,000' elevation. Linda and I start on a 4 mile hike but decided to cut it short at 3 miles. The 800' gain and the 9,000' elevation got to me especially causing me to walk quite slowly.


8/18/09 Day 58 summer trip Drove the gruesome 360 miles home to day with no problems leaving about 8:00am and arriving home at 3:30pm. Did some unloading and then tried to renew my Roadrunner account but they wanted $46/mo and $33 installation, so I may try DSL Extreme.

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