Midway, CA 2009

Diary of Roger, Linda, Mike and Charlens's trip to the Midway Museum Aircraft Carrier in San Diego, California November 7, 2009

11/7/09 Linda and I decided to take my sister Charlene and her husband to the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum today. We had a lovely cool partly cloudy day for our excursion on this interesting ship. Retired crew and pilots volunteer to give docent talks about how the ship was operated and some of their experiences on the ship. It is more like a small city than a ship. Both Mike and Char seemed to really enjoy themselves on the tour. Linda and I decided to buy a one year family membership for $75 which includes me, plus 3 other people any time for the next year. We will use the pass when my other sister Joanne and David come out in February. If any of my friends reading this diary want to join me on this tour, contact me to arrange a date.

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