Coloma 2009

Diary of Roger and Kathy Evans rafting trip on the South Fork of American River at Coloma, California May, 2009

04/27/09 I got up at 8:00am and prepared the rig for travel. I purchased propane at the park for $1.99 per gallon and got on my way north to Lotus RV Park at 9:30am. I arrived around 11:30am at Lotus Camp ground. Conrad and Kathy arrived shortly after and we all went out to lunch. I cooked a tri-tip Mortons roast from Costco on the barbecue with frozen corn and peas for dinner. I invited a single camper kayaker over for dinner to join Kathy any I. He had a bio tech background so he an Kathy had some common interest. The roast was excellent with a nice Zinfandel wine. We enjoyed the dinner an company. Kathy and I watched satellite network TV the rest of the evening and retired.


04/28/09 We got up early about 7:30am. I made cheese omelets, olive bread toast, and thick Costco bacon for breakfast. We stepped outside our trailer about 8:30am and the WET rafting company was there waiting to pick us up for our rafting trip on the SF of the American River. They fitted us with farmer John wet suit and a splash jacket. The booties and insulated socks were our responsibility. We then road in a van about 35 minutes to the put in at Chili Bar Resort near the dam. The flow was at 2500 cfm The dam turbine does 2000 cfm, so 500 cfm was from spill over / dam over flow. This flow rate was excellent for this river with good strong class 3 + rapids and perhaps one technical class 4 rapids. The water was extremely cold and we definitely needed wet suits and insulated booties. We had two 8 person boats, but our boat only had us two and our guide Steve. The other boat had 8 members total with two 8 year old girls. The 11 mile run was beautiful and fun. I would not have wanted to do the top 7 miles of this run in my Soar boats. The lower 4 miles would be fine if you had wet suits. We stopped around noon for a nice sandwich and fruit lunch. We arrive back at our campsite at 1:30pm a bit chilled and tired but in good over all shape. Kathy & I decided that the MF raft run the next day was too long for this cold weather. I thought I would try the 4 mile run in my own inflatable kayak if I could buy a farmer John wet suit and splash jacket at the River Store. I made garlic shrimp and pasta for Kathy this evening, which she loved. More network TV at night,


04/29/09 Slept until 8:30am. I made buttermilk pancakes with fresh cherries and bacon for breakfast. The River Store was closed so could not buy or rent a wet suit. After a left over tri-tip roast sandwich we did photo loop trip in the farm and wine country. We stopped at a winery where I spent an hour tasting wine and socializing with the vineyard manager and Kathy. The manager was a very literate graduate of UC Davis, who I really enjoyed talking to. His mother and sister had MS, so we discussed at length the symptoms, cures, progression of disease, etc. I felt obligated to buy two bottles of my favorite 2 of 7 that I had tasted. Took some photos and returned home to the trailer where we spent the rest of day basking in the spring sun on the river bank. Had left overs for dinner. Watched more TV and retired early.
04/30/09 Got up early at 7:00am, drove north on hwy 79 through the gorge to Auburn and then east on hwy 80 over Donner Summit to Reno. I parked the 5th wheel in front of Kathy and Conrad’s house in Sparks. We three went out to dinner to night at Roxies restaurant in the Eldorado Casino. I had a duck comfit salad that was to die for. My Ahi tuna entree was good but this is a steak house and I should have stayed with beef. My chocolate Grand Mariner Souffle was good by I was too full to eat it all. Returned to Conrad and Kathy’s house and watched a Netflix movie before retiring to their spare bedroom.


04/01/09 Got up late and had raison brand cereal with Conrad. We went to Schneels to find a Farmer John wet suit for me. Could not find the right size. I think I need an NRS Grizzly size GM which I could get at REI right now for 20% off plush sales tax and no shipping if delivered to a store like San Diego. Kathy invited Nels Erickson over for dinner tonight. She made spinach-strawberry salad, rack of lamb, green peas, popover’s, and a chocolate souffle’. Yum yum it was all so good. It was good to see Nels again. He has lost a lot of weight after his operation and he looks great.
04/02/09 Conrad and Kathy took me with them to Costco and REI down town. I purchased 3 capiliene shirts on sale at REI at 30% off. Next they took me to Kayaks Etc. where I purchased a splash jacket and a NRS Farmer John Grizzly wet suit for rafting in cold water. I got 15% off list and no sales tax a real bargain. Kathy cooked pork tenderloin for dinner. Watched several TV shows on Conrad and Kathy’s Tivo.
04/03/09 Left about 8:00am for home via Bishop. It was rainy the first 3 hours, then sun, then party cloudy with 30 - 60 mph winds. The Walker River was huge and would have been high enough to raft. There were many fisherman to my disbelief? How they could catch any fish in such high water I don’t know? Perhaps it was Sunday and they just wanted to be out. I arrived in Bishop around 1:00pm, gassed up and set trailer up in Highlands RV Park using the honor system. They must be Mormon owners that don’t collect their money on Sundays. I will pay in the morning as I don’t have the right change. There are lots of male trout fisherman in this park, a popular sport here this time of year as the season open the end of April. Rested allot and took it real easy the rest of the day. No wine tonight as I have had too much the last 10 days.


04/04/09 Left for home around 8:00am.



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