Borrego Springs 2009

Diary of Linda's 50th hike with John Strauch hiking society to Anza Borrego, California March 15 2009

03/15/09 Linda and I got up early and left at 7:15 am to attend John Strauch’s hike in Borrego Springs, Coyote Canyon up Alcoholics Pass. The dessert flowers were at or near their peak. When we got there the weather was sunny and a bit cool in the mid 60’s. As 9:00 am hike start time came a strong 20 - 40 mph wind came up. As we walked up the pass it really became quite strong and you needed to really watch your footing up the steep pass. It was a short hike about 2.5 miles up the pass, but Linda decided that the wind was too unpleasant, so we and a few others turned back at about 1.75 miles in. We got the tables and food ready for Linda’s 50th hike party as we waited for the rest of the group to return. The party began when they got back complete with food, beer, champagne, and 50th walk tee shirt for Linda. It was very pleasant party with good company and all those beautiful flowers surrounding us. We left about 12:30 pm and got back home about 2:30 pm. As a side note this also happen to be our 22nd wedding anniversary during the ides of March.
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