Wisconsin 2008

Diary of my trip to Wisconsin to see mother and my sister Joanne March 2008

3/13/08    We left Char’s about 11:00 am for Wisconsin.  We discovered that the Rabbit cigarette lighter did not work as my GPS navigator batteries went dead.  We met Joanne and David at China Gardens for dinner.

3/14/08    Stayed at Joanne and David’s for our stay in Wisconsin.  We visited my mother and took her to Culver’s for lunch.  She had a very bad flu the entire time we were there.  The doctors and us kids all thought that this may be the end for her.  She is still a strong woman and has pulled through, even cooking her own meals again.

3/15/08    We went to Amish bakery in the morning for glazed donuts and then to a knitting shop.  Joanne and I did a 2.5 mile walk on country road before dinner.  Joanne made dinner for us at night.

3/16/08   Visited mother while Janne and David went to church. We went to Paisan's Pizza for dinner.  I used to frequent this restaurant when I was in high school and it was fun to attend it again. I left my Mastercard there, but returned to get it the next day with no problem.

3/17/08    Weather report predicted rain and possible snow tomorrow morning so we decided to drive to a hotel near O’Hara to avoid driving in bad weather in the morning.  I some how booked two hotels for same day, but eventually got a credit on one of them.

3/18/08    Flew back to San Diego on American Airlines.  Marvin French picked us up at the airport.

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