Paso Robles 2008

Diary of Meghan and my trip to the Titanium Rally June 2008

6/5/08      I got on the road at 6:45 am for the Titanium Rally in Paso Robles California.  I arrived around 3:30 pm at the Wine Country RV Resort.  I got checked in quickly to this very nice modern RV park right next to Firestone Winery and Vineyards.  It was about 85 F., so got the AC running and then took Meghan for a walk around the park.  At 5:30 pm the group had appetizers and a free J Lohr wine tasting party.  Linda made me some of her famous deviled eggs which disappeared quickly.  The appetizers were delicious and the wine even better after a tough 340 mile drive up to Paso Robles.  I met several new Titanium owners having a great time.  I retired early and watched the opening LA-Boston NBA first tournament finals game.  I enjoyed watching Boston come from behind in the 2nd half to beat the Lakers.

6/6/08      I got up at 7:00 am and took Meghan for a 2.5 mile walk before breakfast.  I spent most of the day on conversion of my web site from Front Page to Dreamweaver.  At 6:00 pm the group had a potluck dinner.  I brought a Costco tri-tip roast which I grilled on the Baby Weber.  It was a big hit and disappeared very quickly.  All the potluck dishes were excellent and I had a real feast while enjoying the company of the Cababas and the ?? at my table.

6/7/08      Got up about 8:00am and took Meghan for a walk off leash around the one mile Firestone Winery Vineyard trail.  Then I had a toasted bagel for breakfast.  Next I put last nights clean dishes away, made my bed, and cleaned up the trailer for our group tour of all the Titanium rigs in our group.  I enjoyed looking at the new rigs and seeing the various improvements made to them.  I decided that perhaps I could use a Pressure Pro tire monitor/alarm system for the truck and 5th wheel.  The cost for 8 sensors and monitor is about $500.  I also need to install a bumper on my 5th wheel side door to prevent it from hitting the side.  One owner had a set of chok’s which fit between the wheels that were very impressively engineered and take up very little storage space.  They are called ROTOCHOK and cost about $130 plus shipping for a set that does both sides.  They are available on the web at:  

After the tour I got together with Mitch from Riverside who showed me is new MacBook Pro 15” laptop.  What an impressive little machine this is.  It can run windows according to Leo La Porte better than a PC.  Software called Parallels was installed on Mitch’s machine at $79 which allows windows to run.   It has lots of great soft ware that comes with it and I could use all my existing windows software.  Its got a camera and mike built into the computer.  The battery lasts a good 5 hours according to Mitch.  He used to have a computer business before he became a motorcycle cop and he as really sold me on this MacBook Pro.  He also introduced me to Crucial memory website which has an excellent site for identifying the memory needed for your particular machine.  Prices also look competitive.

I went to J Lohr winery and purchase a Zinfandel Vertical pack of 6 bottles.  2 each;  2004, 2005, and 2006 installed in a nice wood box.

The entire group went out to dinner tonight at F. McLintocks Saloon a barbecue restaurant.  I spent most of my time talking to a friend of Don Fry, who was a local wine grower.  He grows his grape vines with no irrigation causing the roots to go very deep.  He said that especially the Zinfandel grape has far better taste when grown in this manner.   The vines are pruned differently for this type of growing.  It is the old way and sure saves water.  The Zinfandel grape needs cool nights in 50’s and warm afternoons in 90’s to thrive.  Paso Robles definitely have these conditions this time of year as I can attest to.  He said that the reds in this area are best 5 years after bottling.  The best years are 2006, 2005, and 2004 in this order.

After dinner, I took Meghan for another walk around the Firestone vineyard and then went to a group campfire with Meghan.

6/8/08    I got up around 8:00am and walked Meghan around the vineyard, perhaps her 14th loop.  I attended the group tech talk session at 10:00am.  It was very informative and I enjoyed it.  Many people are using additives to compensate for the low sulfur diesel fuel now being produced.  Don Fry likes the product made by Ford, but many products were mentioned as being good.  Ed Cababa uses a infra red thermometer to determine the fullness of his propane tanks which is definitely a justification to buy the thermometer.  We had a group barbecue at night.  I brought a Costco fillet mignon yum yum.
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