Grand Tetons

Diary of Linda, Matt, and Roger's trip to Grand Tetons, July 2007

7/1/07 Day 6 summer trip. Drove to Idaho Falls and checked into the RV Park. Matt met up with us and is now part of the 5th wheel caravan for the next 11 days. We had dinner out at a greasy spoon because the good Mormon barbecue restaurants were closed on this Sunday like all Sundays.

7/2/07 Day 7 summer trip. Drove the very scenic highways 26 and 89 to Flagg Ranch RV Park just north of Grand Teton’s NP. I liked this RV park because of the large sites and close proximity to hiking and boating on the head waters of the Snake River. Matt & Linda didn’t like the park because of extreme dust. It was advertised to have full hook ups but the electrical service was only a marginal 20 amps which was not adequate to keep the AC running without tripping the park 20 amp breaker. Matt was upset that we had no AC considering the cost per site

7/3/07 Day 8 summer trip. Got up about 8:30 a.m. and Matt cooked us bacon, eggs, and English muffins for breakfast. Finally we left about 10:30 a.m. to our 5 mile hike to Hidden Falls on Cascade Creek. The hike started at a high vantage point on a mountain along Jenny Lake for the first 1.7 miles. Matt didn’t like the burned trees but the area was loaded with new trees and mountain flowers.

7/4/07 Day 9 summer trip. Got up late and had bacon and sour dough pancakes for breakfast. We did a hike along the Snake River leaving from the campground about 1.25 miles down stream. It was a beautiful little hike with the Teton mountains in the background. We took Meghan along even though we were stretching the rules about being within 50’ of a road. Meghan thought she was in heaven chasing the squirrels, prairie dogs, and the smells of the moose, elk, and deer.

7/5/07 Day 10 summer trip. Got up late about 9:00 a.m. and cooked cheese omelets for breakfast. Meghan and I headed for Pilgrim Creek Road. I drove 3 mile to the edge of the NP and into the edge of Teton NF wilderness where dogs are legal. Meghan and I walked 2 miles up along the creek. We had to cross the creek 5 times the deepest being just under my waist. Meghan is beginning to like water and really had a good time on this 88 F. day. The hike was beautiful, reasonably flat, lots of flowers, and pristine. Returned to the trailer and slept a couple hours. I made chicken, ham, and vegetable fried rice for dinner which turned out excellent this time. yum yum.

7/6/07 Day 11 summer trip. The hike Meghan and I took the day before sounded good to Matt & Linda so I did it again with them. We naturally got another very late start around noon as Matt loves to sleep late and Linda lets him get away with it. The hike was enjoyable the 2nd time in spite of having to wait for Matt to change his shoes on every water crossing. Cell phone service worked out here so we made our calls at the end of the hike. We then went to Jackson Lodge to have a huckleberry malt to offset all those calories we burned up. We had left over fried rice for dinner tonight. The campfires which were allowed in this campground really caused air pollution to all of our eyes. Why people want a fire when temperature is in 80’s is beyond me. This campground is definitely off our preferred list

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