Reno 2007

Diary of Roger & Linda's trip to Reno, NV, Nov 2007 to visit Conrad Kathy Evans

11/19/07 We left for Reno at 7:00 a.m. to visit our close friends Conrad and Kathy Evans. We left Meghan the Irish Terrier with the Taylor’s. We drove Linda’s Subaru SUV. I drove to Bishop and then Linda took over. I was really tired when we arrived after 11 hours on the road. Kathy cooked us a light supper. After one TV show Linda and I were both ready for bed.

11/20/07 We had breakfast by Kathy and caught up on events since our last visit. Linda, Kathy, and I walked around the impressive Sparks Marina which used to be a quarry. There is a really nice new RV Park right next to the marina where we will stay next time we come. The marina is closer to the Evans house and has a dog park. The outside path is about 2 mile walk around the lake, a perfect location to walk the Meg. Kathy fixed us homemade lasagna for dinner.

11/21/07 Linda, Kathy, and I did a hike at the Swan Lake Nature Preserve in the morning. Didn’t see the promised Trumpeter swans but had a very pleasant hike. We went to the Atlantis Casino at night to play in a black jack tournament. None of us made it past the first round but we were close at the end and of course had very interesting stories of woe to tell. My biggest disaster was a situation where I had the big bet out there with a rich deck and the opportunity to take insurance. I took insurance with a bad hand, no one else at the table took it (perfect) and of course the dealer didn’t have it and then I also lost the hand. Instead of gaining on the field I lost lots of ground in spite of the odds being in my favor. Gambling is cruel at times.

11/22/07 We took a walk around the Evans new golf community neighborhood in Sparks. I saw a house for sale that had a huge RV shed on top of a hill that would also be a reasonable astronomy viewing site. Kathy cooked us all prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, spinach salad, dinner rolls, green beans, and pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving day dinner. It was a good dinner and we all had a nice time. We talked some about the details of our Cruise next July to Alaska’s Inland Passage. Watched a movie and retired.11/23/07 Did some Black Friday shopping with Conrad and Kathy in the morning. Returned home and did a walk around the golf course near the Evan’s home. The weather was sunny and very pleasant with no wind. At night we all went to the Eldorado Casino to Roxies Steak house for dinner. We had a wonderful time and the food was to die for. My Paella had lots of fresh sea food including a good sized lobster. We stopped at the Western Village Casino on they way home for some black jack play. Conrad, Kathy, and I all won doing a bit of counting during the hour we played. Linda played the slots and lost a small amount.

11/24/07 We left for home after having a great 5 day stay with Conrad and Kathy. They are great hosts and we really enjoy visiting them from time to time. It took us about 11 grueling hours to drive home on Saturday before the big travel return day on Sunday

Photo's by Roger Zellmer of Reno, NV trip in Nov, 2007

We went to Swan Lake Preserve for a hike and to see the Trumpeter Swans. Missed the Swans this day but the hike was great and saw many other birds.
It was brisk in the 20's but sunny with no wind. Location about 16 miles north of Reno.
Conrad and Puss cat.
Kathy in a pensive mood.
Boots and Puss chowing down.
Boots is a beautiful cat, but a total introvert wimp, staying under the bed covers most of the time.
Had to use the telephoto lens to get this close up.
Puss is a gregarious cat with an out going personality unlike her companion boots who is just the opposite.
Look at those green eyes. Taken with my canon 40d and Canon 70-200mm L series lens.
We had dinner at the Eldorado Casino restaurant at Roxie's Steak house with Conrad and Kathy. This restaurant now rates in my top 5 in the USA.
Linda and Kathy the tea toddlers. I had a great glass of the casino owners winery Ferrani Caranai Cabernet Sauvignon.
The pumpkin soufflé was to die for. Linda and Kathy helped me eat it. I think the best soufflé I have ever had. Look at that crunchy praline crust with Carmel sauce on top!!!!
Conrad had the decadent dark chocolate soufflé which was also excellent with the Grand Marnier vanilla sauce. yum yum.
Conrad never misses desert at a good restaurant.

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