2006 Family Photo's

Photos by Dave Allen

9/16/06 Got up at 8:00 a.m. and started cleaning up and drying out the camping gear.Mornings on the river were always wet, which meant putting the tent away wet.Went shopping at Schultz’s Market purchasing $80 worth of steaks and thick pork chops.The Wisconsin meat is way tastier than what we get in California.  Bought mother some milk and then stored the meat in her freezer for a quick freeze.The whole family including mother, Justin, Crystal, and Tyler Babcock all went to Token Creek County Park for family pictures.After that we all went to Biaggi’s Italian Restaurant for dinner.Elaine Allen, Davids mother joined us for dinner.The food was excellent as usual.Mother picked up the tab for the entire dinner.We returned home and said good bye to mother.

The Allen Family - Mollie, David, and Joanne.
Roger, Linda, and Meghan pup.
Mother and her two daughters Joanne and Charlene.
Mike and my sister Charlene Winter.
Mother and all of her family.
Crystal, Tyler, and Justin Babcock.
They both look like proud parents.Tyler is about 4 months old.
Mother with grand children and great grandchild.
The entire crew in front of Token Creek Pond.
Tyler was testing his lungs a bit here.
Mike, Charlene, and Linda in front of the dinosaur called Sue in the Field Museum at Chicago.
Justin and Linda porking out on huge breakfast made by Crystal.
Crystal's cat with her kittens resting comfortably in the kitchen.Meghan had to stay outside.
Tyler playing with everything toy.
Tyler is a messy eater.

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