Sandpoint Diary 2005

Diary of Linda and my trip to Sandpoint, ID area in July 2005

7/23/05 Drove from Clarkston, WA to Coeur d’Alene, ID about 120 miles. We checked into the Coeur d’Alene RV Resort in Post Falls, ID. After getting set upand showering we drove 15 miles back into Washington to see some camping friends of ours; Tom Suzie Pautler. They have just completed their retirement dream home on 10 acres of beautiful wooded property. Their house was truly beautiful. I especially liked the oak hardwood floors and Tom’s multimedia equipment. His 42” plasma Pioneer TV in the great room had superb picture quality. We toured their house and property which was truly beautiful. Had a great time conversing about their house and our recent travels. We walked the entire 10 acres with Reagan their Caviler King Charles and our Irish Terrier Meghan. We then had a long cocktail hour on the deck overlooking a beautiful open field of hay, tree covered hills, and mountains in the background. We also had a Wisconsin Bratwurst feast for dinner. We always enjoy Tom and Suzie’s company and this visit was no exception.

7/24/05 Got up at 8:00 a.m. and made fresh hash brown potatoes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Splash-N-Dash RV truck washing washed our 5th wheel in the morning for $38. They did an excellent job getting all the bugs off. About 3:30 p.m. Tom and Suzie came over to our trailer. We gave them the full tour while having cocktails. At 6:00 p.m. we left for Richardson’s floating restaurant in Coeur d’Alene. Tom drove us there in his new Ford diesel full crew cab truck. The interiors was very plush and it also really road nice for a 4 wheel drive vehicle. We ate outside on the rocking floating restaurant. The food was average, but the ambiance was to die for. Tom drove us back home and we all said good bye after having two fun packed days.

7/25/05 Drove to Sandpoint, ID this morning to visit Doug and Lana Willingham. Backed into Doug’s driveway and hooked up to his 30 amp RV service. Lana made us a nice pasta dish for dinner. Took a short walk around the neighborhood with the dogs after dinner.

7/26/05 Got a haircut in Sandpoint today. Cost $10 + $2 tip. Lounged around Doug’s house the rest of the day. Had barbecued chicken thin crust pizza and salad for dinner. Had a problem with Meghan becoming very possessive over Ryder’s food dish. Doug and I almost got bit trying to remove the dish from her. Lana suggested some dominance obedience training which we practiced. Flip the dog on her back, holding her nose, back legs, and insert your knee into her back thus showing her that the human is dominant. This action must be done immediately after the infraction.

7/27/05 Installed extension spouts on the 5th wheel gutters this morning using Doug’s 8’ step ladder. Visited the Sandpoint Farmers market today. They have excellent produce which can only be sold if it was grown by the seller. I bought sugar snap peas, carrots, and red raspberries. JB Willingham came from the St. Joe River with Lana today. We had a great dinner consisting of a green salad, sweet corn, and broiled wild salmon.

7/28/05 Doug and Lana took us for a ride in their boat today on Lake Pend'Oreille to Hope Point and back. The motor started missing near Hope Point so Doug stopped at the Hope Marina. They took a look and found a loose spark plug wire so were able to continue back. Linda provided Carne Asada from Brawley to the Willinghams for dinner. Doug made homemade beans and salsa to go with Carne Asada burritos. Yum yum all was excellent.

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