Quartzsite Arizona 2005

Diary of Linda and my trip to Quartzsite, AZ January 2005

1/13/05 Left a day late for Quartzsite, because I couldnt get the trailer out of the muddy storage yard. Got stuck trying to pull it out, but Bill hooked up a strap to his little pickup which was on dry asphalt and he successfully pulled me out.

1/14/05 Left at 9:30 a.m. for Quartzsite, AZ. Had a flat tire on the trailer 30 miles before our destination. The tire got so hot that it melted right off the rim. I am lucky I didnt have a fire, as someone pointed to the smoke cloud behind me while I was traveling down highway 10. I came out with fire extinguisher on my mine, but no fire started. Took me ½ hour to change the tire, yuk what a nasty job. We arrived in Quartzsite less one tire at about 4:00 p.m.

1/15/05 The following people plus others were camping in our desert group; Fred Diana Rooney, Stan Joy Ray Gienger, Bruce Beverly Roberts, Gretchen, Doug Lana Willingham, Joe Scarlet Willingham. The major attraction of course is shopping which the women did every day. Linda and I only spent about $100 shopping this year. We had a $10 max gift exchange as usual on Saturday night around a huge camp fire. The weather was great in the 60 to low 70s during the day. I took Meggie for long 1 to 5 mile hikes off leash in the desert washes near camp site at least twice a day. When we went shopping Meggie usually walked with us, harnessed in her Gentle Leader noose which helped keep her away from other dogs whom she loves to charge and bark at!!!

1/17/05 Purchased a new trailer tire for $116. I really hated to spend the money for it, but am not willing to do return trip home with no spare. Had an uneventful trip home. Linda drove over half the way, will I kicked back on the reclining seat. We stopped in Indio and had a good Mexican Lunch. Arrived home around 4:30 p.m.

Linda and Stan in front of the Gienger's new 5th wheel a really nice trailer.
Here is most of our group with Joe Scarlet's impressive Monaco RV in the back ground.
The fireworks were short but impressive. Several campsite dogs ran off as usual.
The anticipation of the gift exchange.
Diana was unhappy with her gift.
They have that relaxed retirement status look.
Scarlet liked her gift.

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