Indian Hills 2005

Diary of Linda and my Hike to Indian Hills, CA January 2005

2/13/05 John, Betty, Jock, Sharon, Jim, Linda, and I did a hike today in the desert near Ocotillo. We car pooled in two jeeps leaving San Diego at 7:30 a.m. and arrived at the trail head at 9:30 a.m. The last 12 miles was a sand dirt road and was a somewhat bone rattling ride. The weather was perfect in the 60’s, sunny, broken clouds, and only a slight breeze. The air was very clean after many days of rain. It was the Indian Hill/Carrizo Palms hike in the book Afoot and Afield in San Diego County book by Jerry Schad, 6.5 miles, class 3/5 difficulty. The trail was not human made but mostly a bit of bush whacking and a lot of rock hopping in 2 very long desert washes. John the leader led the way and on one occasion my GPS saved us from a wrong turn at the junction of two washes. The desert was very green and full of flowers. The first mile uphill winded me and caused some chest pain, but after that I never had a problem and never enjoyied a hike more. Linda also did very well and only had one high fright attack going down a steep portion into a wash. The hike was suppose to be a 4.5 hour hike, but we actually took 7 hours getting back only a ½ hour before dark. One girl Sharon got heat exhaustion and we had to cool her down with the recent storm water pools we found in the wash. Eventually she got her 2nd wind and was able to walk out un-assisted. Linda and I left our lunch in the car and were very hungry at the end eating our meat loaf sandwiches like ravenous dogs. I think I lost 5 pounds on the trip. We also ran out of drinking water, so we collected some from a pool in the rocks and added John's iodine pills which wasn’t too bad. In spite of some adversity, both Linda and I had a great day enjoying the beautiful spring desert and the fun hikers we were with. Got home about 8:30 p.m. after stopping for dinner in Alpine at the Bread Basket

Linda, John, Betty, Sharon, Jock, and Jim feeling fresh and about to take off on our hike
This was a critical point for Linda, but Betty led the way and Linda decided it wasn't too steep for a female.
This grove of palms provided a nice spot for a break and lunch.
John, Linda, and Betty enjoying the sun and scenery.
Linda, Jock, and Jim. The weather was just perfect for hiking on this spring day.

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