Dinasaur NP 2005

Diary of Linda, Meggie, and my RV trip to Dinosaur NP,Utah October 2005

10/22/05 Last night in Laramie the temperature dropped to 23 F. There was thick frost on all the truck windows and on the grass. We put Meghan’s red polar tech jacket on her torso for the night and for her morning walk to relieve herself. Left about 8:00 a.m. and drove 317 miles to Venal, Utah. I never saw so many antelope as along this highway. I would say 1 antelope for every 2 cattle I saw. Wyoming is definitely big country with lots of oil and gas wells. Highway 191 from highway 80 to Vernal was a very scary highway for a 5th wheel. There ware lots of 8% grade down hill especially after Flaming Gorge Dam. We traveled over the dam with no security check The Aspen trees where beautiful and in full color. The Duramax displayed a engine alarm light when climbing out from the Dam. I am thinking it was altitude or I also had done some engine lugging going up the steep grade from the dam. We checked into a very nice KOA campground in Vernal. The Duramax engine alarm disappeared so perhaps it was altitude related as the maximum was 8,500’ elevation near the Dam. There were lots of deer hunters in the NFS areas near Flaming Gorge. Linda cooked chicken, broccoli, pasta for dinner.

10/23/05 The elevation here is 5,200’. I took my blood pressure after a walk this morning and it was 138/78 pulse 66. I forgot to take my medication last night. Today is my last Betaseron medication. We stayed lazy until 11:00 a.m. before we headed for Dinosaur NP. We visited the Quarry first, which is covered by a building. We missed the lecture and there were no workman removing bones because it was Sunday. I would recommend a week day for my next visit. Many of the fossilized bones in this quarry are still in place partially exposed. Most of the really big specimens have been removed to other museums like the Carnegie and the Smithsonian. There are still some big ones left but they are embedding in the rock. We next did the self guided auto tour which I really enjoyed. One stop was Split Mountain Camp Ground and Boat Ramp on the Green River. The sites were beautiful pull through with views of river, multicolored jagged mountains, and beautifully colored Aspen and Cotton Wood trees, no hookups, but the price is right at FREE. This is major put-in and take-out point for Rafting the Green River. The weather was perfect in the 60s, clear sky, and low humidity. Meghan got to walk with us on several of car stops and into one beautiful green box canyon. We finished the tour around 4:00 p.m. and returned to the KOA Park. I love wild undeveloped land and Utah has lots of pristine locations fitting this description. I hope to return to this area next spring for some rafting on the Green River Gates of Ladore Desolation Canyon. I fried a big fat rib eye steak, steamed green peas, baked potatoes, and a glass of good Chianti for dinner. Yum yum.

10/24/05 Drove 150 miles to Provo Utah. Bought 12 gallons of propane for $1.80 per gallon in a small town. Checked into the East Bay RV Park in Springfield, UT. We checked out the KOA near Mollie’s house first, but it looked too seedy for Linda so we did the East Bay instead which is a nice new modern park with very few permanents. The weather was great in the 70’s. We went to Mollie’s house at 5:30 a.m. Mollie showed us her 3 cats one of them a cute active 3 month old Maine Coon kitten. The Rag Doll cat Ellie was very pretty but a bit spooky. Sadie the Siamese still looked good, but did not like the aggressive nature of the little unnamed Maine Coon kitten. We went to the Tepanyaki Steakhouse in Provo. Mollie's friend Mindy and her mother Ethel also met us at the restaurant. The food and the chef’s entertainment was both excellent. We all had a great time. I hope to visit this restaurant again in the future as the quality of food is as good as any Japanese restaurant I have dined at.

10/25/05 Drove 377 miles to Las Vegas Silverton Casino RV Park. The cost is now $35 per night and they had ½ of the park closed, so we had to stay in a back in site which was right on a busy street. I must research a new Las Vegas RV Park as I am getting disenchanted with this one. Ordered my Betaseron at Kaiser for pick up as soon as I get home. Had dinner in the Casino Restaurant and then played an hour of black jack standard rules on the 6 deck table. They had several special games which dealt all they way out, but only paid 1:1 for a BJ. This would be a tough game to beat.

10/26/05 Found out that the Silverton RV Park is closing town this December, so my previous complaints will be no longer. We decided to have a breakfast buffet at the Rio. It was very good but rather pricy at $12.95 each. The Chinese Dim Sum and deserts were excellent. Return to the trailer and fixed a heater air vent in the bedroom that was wrapped in the original shrink wrap making it very difficult for hot air to discharge from it. We then drove Meghan out to Red Rock Canyon to hike the First Creek Trail. It was a beautifully scenic 3 miles and there was lots of water in the creek. Meghan had fun playing and drinking the water as it was sunny and a bit warm in the 70’s. She was a tired pup when we got back.

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