Channel Islands 2005

Diary of Linda, Helen, Steve, Meggie, and my trip to Channel Islands, CA, April 2005

3/31/05 Drove about 150 miles to McGrath State Beach camp ground in Oxnard California. Arrived about 2:00 p.m. Got all set up with the new trailer and zeroed in my new Motosat stationary tracking satellite antenna purchased with mother’s money gifts. Our site was grassy and next to the flowering sand dunes. There was a dirt road along the sand dunes south to McGrath Lake where Meggie was allowed to run. I took her on this 4 mile hike off leash every day and sometimes I took there twice a day. I walked 4 miles but she did between 8 and 12 miles running back and forth through the high grass, flowers, and ground squirrel holes. I barbecued mustard marinated chicken for dinner. Linda made brown rice and asparagus. A very tasty dinner. We watched TV off the solar powered batteries every night/day for 3-5 hours.

4/1/05 Steve and Helen arrived about 9:00 a.m. I cooked them omelets in the 5th wheel kitchen for breakfast. We walked the 4 mile McGrath Lake hike all together. In the afternoon, Steve and I did a whale watching trip with Island Packers to Anacapa Island, part of the Channel Island NP. We saw several Humpback and Orca whales. We also saw a huge pod (100’s) of dolphins. I cooked Carne Asada on the Red Devil Barbecue for our Mexican burrito dinner that night.

4/2/05 The Biros came about noon and we did the 4 mile hike to McGrath Lake again. Then we watched the two NCAA basketball games in the 5th wheel. During the last game I cooked shrimp in butter, garlic, lime juice sauce. Linda made brown rice and salad to go with the dinner.

4/3/05 Day light savings time, yuk had to get up a hour early. We had to be at Island Packers for our Channel Islands Santa Cruz day trip at 8:15 a.m. The boat was very modern and well equipped. It took and hour and 15 minutes to reach the island. The wind and waves were large, so the trip was a bit rough. We were all happy that we had taken some Dramamine for motion sickness. The Scorpion Harbor where we arrived was beautiful. After getting our sea legs, we decided to take a docent lead walk to Pirates Point. It was quite a climb, but made it with not much problem. The loop walk back along a 300 to 400 foot cliff was very scenic and perhaps 3 miles total. We then walked to a campground and picnic area where we ate our corn beef sandwiches for lunch. I missed not having any carbonated beverage with them, so water had to do. Rested about an hour and then did another hike up a canyon looking for the Island Scrub Blue Jay. Couldn’t find one so we slept 45 minutes on a grass covered dry creek bed bank. Stayed on the island for 5 hours and then the same boat returned to pick us up. Every seat on the boat was full this time as all the weekend campers were returning. Next time I visit these islands I will rent a kayak and tour the arches and see caves around the harbor. The boat will transport a kayak for $12 to $18 depending on size and weight. During the summer kayaking would be very enjoyable along these scenic islands. The ride back was much smoother. We arrived back about 5:15 p.m. very hungry, so we went to a local seafood restaurant call the Spinnaker Grill and had a very enjoyable meal. I had Mesquite grilled Halibut Salmon Combo and the rest all had deep fried Halibut and Scallops.

4/4/05 Returned home through LA today on the 405 with relatively light traffic. Stopped at a Regional Park in Irvine for a lunch out of the 5th wheel. Arrived home about 2:00 p.m., unloaded and got the 5th wheel all cleaned up. Watched the NCAA final game at night, but was very unhappy that Illinois lost.

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